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Tourist Places To Visit In Tirap

Planning A Trip To Tirap? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Tirap

One of the most beautiful and lush green regions that encompasses a huge scope of adventure activities, Tirap is renowned for its scenic offerings and presence of a diverse & culturally rich heritage. A picturesque locale ripe with basic necessities and simple living, you can plan a 2-3 day trip to Tirap, especially during its festivals, sports tournaments or fairs to enjoy the vibrancy and celebratory ambiance. Here’s a list of tourist places to visit in and around Tirap for your information.


Khonsa:  Tourist Places To Visit In Tirap
Photograph by https://famousplacesinindia.in

A small hill station that’s surrounded by the mighty Himalayas, Khonsa is the headquarters for Tirap District in A.P and was established during the British reign as one of 5 early districts in the state. Bordering Myanmar on the east and Assam on the south, Khonsa is encompassed by panoramic sights of lush green forests marked by hills and is a natural paradise for tourists. With an assortment of deep gorges, snow-clad hills, dense forests and gushing streams, the place is host to wildlife that includes jackals, bears, tigers, leopards, barking deer, red panda, and more with countless species of rodents as well. Abundant with numerous and rare plant species, orchids and exotic blossoms Khonsa also offers an exhilarating trek to its adventure enthusiasts.

Khonsa Museum

Khonsa Museum:  Tourist Places To Visit In Tirap
Photograph by https://tirap.nic.in

Located in Khonsa, District of Tirap, the Khonsa Museum was established in 1956 and houses some of the most incredible artifacts that represent the district’s diverse culture including ancient weapons, handlooms, varied works of bamboo and canes and more. Renowned especially for its tribal artifacts, the museum offers an insight into the Khonsa people’s culture and lifestyle.

Khonsa Waterfall

Khonsa Waterfall:  Tourist Places To Visit In Tirap
Photograph by https://tourindianspots.wordpress

The Khonsa Waterfall is situated amidst dense forestry just a few kilometers from Khonsa and provides a beautiful and captivating view, in addition to its chilling waters that leave its visitors refreshed and rejuvenated. To reach the waterfall, can be a bit challenging and it is best to do so with the assistance of a local and expert guide. The waterfalls expose you to the world of dense forestry, the sweet chirping of birds, the cool village breeze and vibrant tribal populace. A nice trek through the narrow pathway will lead you to the cascades dropping off a great height and an interesting and incredible peek into the wildlife as well.

Kheti & Lajo Villages

Kheti & Lajo Villages:  Tourist Places To Visit In Tirap
Photograph by https://holidify.com

The villages of Kheti and Lajo are home to the tribes of Nocte and Wancho people which are significant clans of Khonsa with a large populace in the region. With a culturally rich, yet simple lifestyle, the tribes live amicably together fending off some basic necessities and to mark their ancient heritage, you’d find human skulls from the headhunting eras hung in the dormitories in the villages. Located on hilly terrain, you can trek through the villages.

Changlang District

Changlang District:  Tourist Places To Visit In Tirap
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With an expansive spread of lush evergreen forests, gushing rivulets and beautiful valleys, Changland District is located over the Patkai Mountain Range and has some incredible locales to explore. From getting around the usual Tangsa and Tutsa structures and hamlets to interacting with the local tribes, to fishing in the River Tirap, sightseeing at the district museum, library & crafts center, explore a unique village called Kengkho, there’s a lot to do here.

A Village Expedition to Jongpho-Hate

A Village Expedition to Jongpho-Hate:  Tourist Places To Visit In Tirap
Photograph by https://travelladda.com

The Jongpho-Hate, a village renowned for its sacred and spiritual offerings like a Shiva Linga at the village entrance from the bygone era. The naturally formed idol is a unique sculpt of both male and female organs and is called Tangjong by the villagers. It is believed that Lord Shiva resided here once. According to popular folklore, the Tangjong has several powerful stories aiding its popularity, as per which the holy stone protects the villagers from any kind of natural disaster or epidemic.

Thamlom Village

Thamlom Village:  Tourist Places To Visit In Tirap
Photograph by https://luxurytrailsofindia.com

The Village of Thamlom is another hidden jewel that serves as a tourist attraction, where the Harvest God is believed to have blessed this pristine land. Located under the Khimiyang Circle, there’s a holy stone which is believed to be one such manifestation of Divine power, which when disturbed leads to incessant torrential rainfall for long with dark overcast skies and the sun returns only when someone performs appropriate God appeasing prayers and rituals. The person observing these rituals needs to adhere to certain requirements like refraining from water potting, jungle outings or cutting grass, etc.

World War II Cemetery

World War II Cemetery:  Tourist Places To Visit In Tirap
Photograph by https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com

Better Known as Jairampura War Cemetery, this World War II memorial park is situated on the spurs of the Patkai Mountain Range and home to the remains of Soldiers from the war. Located 30km from the Pangsau Pass, this cemetery houses the remains of Indian, Taiwanese, Kachin, American and Chinese soldiers who worked as laborers on the Ledo Road, which was aimed at connecting Kunming in China with Ledo in Assam. The Mausoleum was long forgotten and was rediscovered in 1997, inclusive of over 1000 graves, which is one the largest World War II cemetery. The site honors those soldiers who sacrificed their lives on duty whilst fighting off forces against the Imposing Japanese Army.

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