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How To Reach Tirap

Planning A Trip To Tirap? Here are some guidelines on how to reach Tirap

Located in the Southeastern side of Arunachal Pradesh, Tirap is a district that spans over 2,362 sq. km, elevated at 200-4,000m in the Patkai Hills. With spouting brooks, colorful and lush green orchids and fresh air to heal the exhausted body, restless mind and spirit, Tirap is a beautiful place to unwind. In addition to its natural beauty, the region is culturally ripe with the presence of varied tribes, their traditional heritage and festivals, which are celebrated elaborately and exhibiting their artwork during their periodic fairs and festivals with equal fervor and excitement. Tirap shares the state border with Assam and Nagaland nationally and Myanmar internationally. Here's how to reach Tirap.

By Air

By Air:  How To Reach Tirap
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Tirap does not have a direct airport hence the nearest airport to it would be in Dibrugarh which is roughly 120km from Tirap and is also well connected to Guwahati. The best way to reach Tirap would be to take a flight to Dibrugarh. There are regular flights operating from Kolkata, Lagun, Nahaar or Itanagar to Dibrugarh as well, in addition to helicopter services 6 days a week, and once a week to Khonsa Helipad in Tirap. There are flights from metro cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai to Dibrugarh in the fare range of INR 5,000-12,000.

By Train

By Train:  How To Reach Tirap
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Tirap does not have a direct railway station as well and the closest train station is in Naharkatia at a distance of 70km, or alternatively at Tinsukia (110km) and Dibrugarh (120km). For the onward journey to Tirap, you can hire a taxi from the station. From Dibrugarh or from Tinsukia it takes about 3 hours and roughly 2 hours from Naharkatia to reach Tirap and there’s a Rajdhani Express Train daily from New Delhi to Dibrugarh/Tinsukia via Guwhati as well.

By Road

By Road:  How To Reach Tirap
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The road connectivity to Tirap is easily accessible from Tinsukia, Guwahati, Dibrugarh and other neighboring cities or towns. You can board a government-owned or private bus operating en route, which is applicable in the night as well. From Dibrugarh or Tinsukia, there are Arunachal Pradesh Transport Service Buses to Tirap (Khonsa) which operate every day. You can make advance travel reservations on the e-portal of APSTS (Arunachal Pradesh State Transport Services).

Getting Around

Getting Around:  How To Reach Tirap
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There’s ample public transportation by way of government-run buses and private buses to and from Tirap, and in between its neighboring cities. Alternatively, you can rent a private taxi to take you around the district and to the nearby locales. The private taxi will be a little expensive but more flexible with your timings and plans, easy to manage and a lot more luxurious.

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