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Things To Do In Tirap

Planning A Trip To Tirap? Here's our list of top things to do in Tirap

Located on the southeastern side of Arunachal Pradesh, the district of Tirap is renowned for its scenic natural beauty and adorned with lush greenery, with an expanse of over 2400 sq.km. With a pleasant and cool climate, the district’s brimming with deep valleys, water cascades, hills and abundant streams. A treasure trove for nature lovers and adventure fanatics, Tirap is popular for its bead jewelry, headgears, different and unique artifacts and elephant tusks, not to forget the things to do which include adventure sports, cultural events and festivals galore.

Visiting the Noctes & Tutsa Tribes of Tirap

Visiting the Noctes & Tutsa Tribes of Tirap:  Things To Do In Tirap
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Tirap is occupied by the Noctes Tribe on the North-East, while the Tutsa Tribe occupies the eastern end. Visiting the tribal villages in Tirap District is a culturally popular tourist activity that you’d enjoy. Visiting the tribes would give you a glimpse of their lifestyle and cultural upbringing. While, the Noctes thrive on skilled crafts like bamboo, cane work, decorative ornaments and more, the Tutsas are essentially cultivators and focused on Jhoon cultivation. They are culturally rich and diverse as well.

Adventure Sports

Adventure Sports:  Things To Do In Tirap
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Arunachal Pradesh is ripe with thick evergreens and countless gushing rivers, gorges and streams. With its ample flora and fauna occupying over 60% of the total area, the state is an ideal place to explore varied outdoor activities and adventure sports. Some of the most significant outdoor activities in and around Tirap are trekking and hiking. There are multiple options for mountaineering, camping and other adventurous alternatives that take your mind off the usual hustle and bustle of routine life and serve as a great reprieve and getaway as well. The rivers are perfect for boating and angling, while biking and rafting are ideal on the terrains.

Namdapha National Park - A Wildlife Expedition

Namdapha National Park - A Wildlife Expedition:  Things To Do In Tirap
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Just 166km away from Tirap is the Namdapha National Park, the only wildlife reserve with four of the world’s greatest cat species, the snow leopard, clouded leopard, tiger and leopard living here. Declared a national park in 1983, the park is situated in the Changlang District and is intensely abundant in flora and fauna. Namdapha National Park is a safe haven for some of the rarest and endangered plant and animal species in the country’s most vibrant bio-diversity.

Angling at Miao

Angling at Miao:  Things To Do In Tirap
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A small town in the district of Changlang, Miao is located about 154 km from Khonsa, and is the headquarters for Changlang district and gateway to Namdapha National Park. The homeland of Tibetan refugees. Miao is also perfect for hiking, angling and trekking. It is also said that it was once a Tibetan Refugee settlement area. The town’s most renowned for the Patkai Bum Mountain Range, which is the eastern extension for the Himalayas and houses a mini zoo and a museum. The Tibetan settlement here is known to trade gorgeous woolen carpets and rugs, and the tea plantations, as well as opium cultivation, are extremely popular among the tourists.

Lake of No Return

Lake of No Return:  Things To Do In Tirap
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Located 12km from Nampong National Park, is the Lake of No Return, a lake with an unusual name and history behind it. Visible from the Pangsau Pass, the lake owes its names to those who passed away here, owing to those who were transported on this location during the war (in emergency) after being hit by enemy warfare. A soft landing spot, many soldiers have lost their lives here.

Local Games & Sports

Local Games & Sports:  Things To Do In Tirap
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Tirap is quite popular among the locals for their sports in addition to adventure activities. Kiko Kham, a stilted walk that’s played with the upper layer of a bamboo pole used as a foothold is used during tournaments in winters. Then, there’s the Sakchin Tam which refers to an arm hold and played between two people by using a stick with their arm strength and is played 5 days before the Oriah Festival. Another popular game played here is Jaam, a wrestler’s sport played in the Wancho Tribe Dominated Area. You must definitely cheer the locals if not entirely participate in one of these games!

Festive Celebrations of Chalo Loku

Festive Celebrations of Chalo Loku:  Things To Do In Tirap
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Chalo Loku is a festival observed by the Noctes Tribe which refers to driving out the year’s old season and celebrated in some villages during July-August and in October-November by some after harvesting Ahu Paddy. The Festival’s onset is calculated according to the waxing moon cycle and commences with the slaughter of buffalos and pigs, prayer offerings through the duration of the festivities for overall well-being and rich cultivation. Delectable fares and music and dance performances occupy a major portion of the celebrations and locals dress up in their fineries and traditional costumes during the festival.

Exciting Festivities of Pongtu

Exciting Festivities of Pongtu:  Things To Do In Tirap
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The Tutsa Tribe celebrates 2 significant festivals, namely the Pongtu Kuh and Ronghun Kun. The Pongtu Kuh Festival an integral part of the tribe’s socio-cultural lifestyle and celebrated in April to invoke Divine blessings for the tender millets in the Jhoom fields. As soon as the date for festive celebrations is decided upon by the village elders, everyone joins in preparation of rice beer and gathering an assortment of buffalos, cows, fowls and pigs through the 10-day festivities.

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