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Things To Do In Anini

Planning A Trip To Anini? Here's our list of top things to do in Anini

Where the clouds meet the land and beauty peeks from behind the mist, there you’ll find Anini, an unexplored town, known for its untouched tranquility. Located amidst the gorgeous Dibang Valley District, Anini is characterized by beautiful weather and picturesque natural beauty, leaving it as a tourist’s paradise. Anini is enriched with the presence of varied tribal villages and known for their diverse culture and heritage, include Hunli, Ranli, New Anaya and more. Here’s a list of things to do when visiting Anini or its neighboring areas.

Exploring the Wilderness

Exploring the Wilderness:  Things To Do In Anini
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Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary is known as the green paradise. An untouched forest that’s largely unexplored as well, the sanctuary’s home to a massive volume of mammals, plants, birds, butterflies, reptile and fish species and is also one of the most renowned reserves in Arunachal Pradesh. Set up in 1980, the sanctuary has varied wild animals like the Hoolock Gibbon, Bengal Tiger, Clouded Leopard, over 200 bird species, 13 snake species, 6 species of fish and over 232 butterfly species in house. The best way to explore the sanctuary is to take a 12km trek of about 4-7 hours.

Trekking the Mayudia Pass

Trekking the Mayudia Pass:  Things To Do In Anini
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Located about 56km from Roing in A.P., at 2,655 m above the sea level, Mayodia actually refers to a shrine of the Mother Goddess and is a hill resort of a unique kind, situated in the midst of lush and picturesque scenery with the Himalayas for its backdrop. A lovely place to enjoy trekking and taking leisurely strolls, this resort comes with a captivating landscape and a gorgeous view of the encompassing mountains and is breathtakingly tranquil. The ascending drive to the resort through the meandering 12-necked Baro Golai gives off an adventurous ambiance to the whole experience.

Relaxing at the Nehru Van Udayan

Relaxing at the Nehru Van Udayan:  Things To Do In Anini
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Located by the banks of the River Deopani is the Nehru Van Udayan which is home to a unique cactus house, a beautiful garden, and an orchid space, with the Ejeez Tower, a guest house situated nearby. The park is maintained well and gives off a scenic view of the Mehao River and the Biosphere. You can enjoy picnicking on the river bank. There’s ample space for kids to enjoy swings, slides and seesaws. En route to the park, you can explore the orchards, the Bailey Bridge and the villages of the Idu Mishmi tribe.

Discovering the lush greens of Hunli

Discovering the lush greens of Hunli:  Things To Do In Anini
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Located about 90km from Roing, is Hunli – a little quaint town, en route to Anini with quite an adventurous road trip that beckons.  Popular for trekking activities, the town’s most frequented spot include the temple cave of Kupunli, which is a significant shrine for the region’s tribal communities. Hunli offers well-maintained road access and captivating lush green sceneries for your drive-through experience.

The 7-Lake Trek at Mipi

The 7-Lake Trek at Mipi:  Things To Do In Anini
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One of Himalayas’ best-kept secrets are the seven lakes situated at a high altitude, hidden in anonymous hills of India’s frontier state. Their breathtaking beautiful waters are encompassed by lush green open valleys with ferns and tall grass and visitors can indulge in trekking up to nearly 4,000 meters deep into the glaciers that support the lakes through the year. During spring and in summers, the entire gamut’s brimming with wildflowers! If you’re an expert trekker then you will find ample steep up hills and down hills on the challenging Idu Hunting Trails on a guided tour of the area, where the guides will introduce you to the history of the region as well as take you around the unique assortment of flora and fauna.

Angling at Iphi Pani Ghat

Angling at Iphi Pani Ghat:  Things To Do In Anini
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Popular for fishing and angling, Iphi Pani Ghat is a captivating tourist spot with incredible views of the Dibang Valley and River Dibang. Located roughly 10km from Roing, it’s a perfect place to unwind from the chaos of life and have a quiet time in the midst of Mother Nature and tune into her silent whispers. It’s a lovely ghat known for its natural ambiance, crystal clear waters, boating and picnicking activities.

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