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Things To Do In Bhalukpong

Planning A Trip To Bhalukpong? Here's our list of top things to do in Bhalukpong

Bhalukpong is a nature enthusiast’s safe haven, a one-stop tourist destination with a variety of things to do, explore the wilderness and revel in nature’s finest. The gorgeous River Kameng flowing through the forestry encompassing Bhalukpong is a feather to its cap and from engaging in fish angling, river rafting, camping, treks and hiking, you can also expect to witness the wildlife with an assortment of animal and bird species. There’s the Tipi Orchidariurm as well, renowned for a large number of cultivated orchids and then beautiful and vibrant cultural events and festivals, which would make visiting Bhalukpong an absolute delight and a long list of cherished memories.

Outdoor Activities

Outdoor Activities:  Things To Do In Bhalukpong
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Even though Bhalukpong isn’t a typical hill station, it warrants a particular cadre of tourists, more so, those who thrive on the adventure! With an assortment of outdoor activities like trekking, angling, hiking and river rafting at the River Kameng, in addition to exploring the wilderness, Bhalukpong’s a natural paradise. There’s an abundance of forestry to explore hikes and trekking trails here. For angling for Mahseer, Kameng’s best, and the perfect time to engage in it is from the early part of October through April. Rafting here’s become quite popular off late and camping under the stars is a captivating experience.

Cultural Events & Festivals

Cultural Events & Festivals:  Things To Do In Bhalukpong
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Some significant cultural events in Bhalukpong include the beautiful festivities of Solung of Adis, Mopin and the Losar of Monpas. Primarily celebrated in April, the Mopin Festival is all about the Popir Dance. An agricultural festival, it is celebrated by the Galo Tribe and celebrates the harvest season. It’s all about invoking wealth and abundance to the homes of the locals there and prosperity for the entire community with rituals that involve getting rid of all negativity and invoking Divine blessings. Then, there’s the Nyethidow Festival, which is a New Year Celebration observed in March and culturally enlivens Bhalukpong.

Dirang – Heaven on Earth

Dirang – Heaven on Earth:  Things To Do In Bhalukpong
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About 3 hours from Bhalukpong is the beautiful town of Dirang, which is pure heaven on earth with its glorious tall mountain ranges, gushing river streams, quaint traditional houses and fresh air. Even though the place isn’t high on tourist sites to visit, it is one of the most captivating places to be in with many hidden treasures of its own. A picture-perfect hamlet, Dirang’s ideal for leisurely strolls with mesmerizing views of Mother Nature that’ll blow your mind away. From stunning views of spiritual places like the Khastung Gompa to taking a cool dip in the River Dirang Chu to spending the day by the water and enjoying a picnic in the midst of panoramic sights, Dirang will be a perfect getaway for you.

Visiting the Falls of Lumlum

Visiting the Falls of Lumlum:  Things To Do In Bhalukpong
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A renowned waterfall renamed Lumlum, 5km from Bhalukpong, the water cascade has earned its name from Rani Lumum of Hrussos, the local tribe Queen. Originally called the Mimjeow Kutsu, this waterfall has been now cultivated into a popular tourist attraction along the Bhalukpong & Tawang Route. In addition to being a crowd puller for its majestic water cascade, you can also bathe here.

River Rafting Expedition & Overnight Camping at the River Kameng

River Rafting Expedition & Overnight Camping at the River Kameng:  Things To Do In Bhalukpong
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Originally known as Bhareli River, the Kameng River is situated in the Eastern Himalayan region, beginning from the Tawang District and flows down the Bhalukpong circle of the Western District of Kameng. A significant tributary to the Brahmaputra, Kameng River forms the boundary between the Eaglenest and Sessa Sanctuaries on the west and the Pakke Tiger Reserve on the east and is an incredibly voluminous river with a series of consistent and surprising rapids, pristine camps, deep gorges and well-maintained forestry. A rafting expedition at the river usually starts early in the morning with some easy rapids till you meet the confluence of River Bichom. From descending marvelous jungle ravines to running some big rapids to taking a break, relaxing in an overnight camp and catching up on some fantastic reads, you have a power-packed experience tailored for you.

A Trek to the Orchid Habitat

A Trek to the Orchid Habitat:  Things To Do In Bhalukpong
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The Tipi Orchidarium, home to over 450+ species of endangered orchids is situated next to the Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary and comes under the Kameng Protected Area Complex. Enjoy a trek to the orchids’ natural habitat, brimming with valleys, deep gorges, rugged terrain and high peaks that are a blessing in disguise to nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers and also visit the demo farm of Cymbidium hybrid that’s engaged in cut-flower produce.

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