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Things To Do In Pasighat

Planning A Trip To Pasighat? Here's our list of top things to do in Pasighat

Predominantly inhabited by the Adi Tribe, Pasighat is renowned for its rich cultural heritage and a variety of adventure sports. From a wildlife sanctuary to archeological sites to religious tourist attractions, Pasighat has something for everyone in terms of things to do. With the glorious Brahmaputra River trailing down from Tibet, Pasighat also serves as a photographer’s delight with its breathtaking scenic views. Situated at 155m Pasighat is known as the land of the enormous Siang and local hanging bridges. Its swinging strings, round cane rings and beaten wooden pavements sagging above the River Siang make for a picturesque sight of adventure and excitement. Here's a list of things to do in Pasighat.

Adventure Sports in River Siang

Adventure Sports in River Siang:  Things To Do In Pasighat
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One of the most popular attractions in Pasighat is the River Siang which offers ample opportunities for tourists to engage and indulge in a variety of adventure sports that include trekking, river rafting, fishing or angling. Given its close proximity to Pagin, tourists also get a chance to connect with the locals from the hills. You will also witness a hanging bridge above the river which is quite a captivating sight with its rustic and natural structure of cane and bamboo. River Rafting in Siang and Brahmaputra are significantly popular around the world. You can also explore dedicated river rafting activities in Yambung where you can raft downwards to Pasighat at a 2-3 degree speed.

Visiting the Old Town of Heritage Tribes

Visiting the Old Town of Heritage Tribes:  Things To Do In Pasighat
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Traditionally called the Gateway to Arunachal Pradesh, Pasighat is nestled amidst beautiful valleys and captivates its visitors from all over the country with its rich cultural past and scenic marvels. Having celebrated 100 years of its existence in 2011, the town is still ripe with celebrations in the form of its abundant cultural activities and picturesque scenery. Pasighat boasts of a beautiful green river valley by the banks of River Brahmaputra that flow right through it as well. Home to heritage tribes this ancient town is also home to multiple outdoor activities besides showcasing its enthralling beauty for a mini hill station.

Enjoying a Day in the midst of Wilderness

Enjoying a Day in the midst of Wilderness:  Things To Do In Pasighat
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From taking a white-water rafting expedition in River Siang to trekking through the dense forestry of Yinkiong and Komsing, from enjoying quiet time by the river banks and tuning into the splashing currents, echoes of birds and reveling in the scenic ambiance of Pasighat to walking the promenade towards Bodak/Siom for some angling and fishing adventures, there’s so much to explore and enjoy in Pasighat. The early morning sunrise at Pangin at the conjunction point of Rivers Siom and Siang is a sight for sore eyes!

Cultural Festivals

Cultural Festivals:  Things To Do In Pasighat
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With a rich culture to boast of that makes Pasighat a popular tourist destination in the region, consider having a rendezvous with the unique and vibrant tribes of Pasighat. The Pasi and Minyong tribes occupying the quaint village are two of the North East’s oldest tribes that follow their ancient customs with the greatest zeal. Their distinct lifestyles and traditional practices make it a customary must to visit Pasighat. The Solung festival that’s celebrated here with utmost passion in September each year offers an unrivaled visual show brimming with colorful folk dances, and animal sacrifices. Aran, Etor are two other events of significance here.

Photography at Boleng

Photography at Boleng:  Things To Do In Pasighat
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Boleng is yet another popular site in Arunachal Pradesh located in the East Siang District and is encompassed by mountain ranges and gorgeous valleys. It makes for an excellent spot where photographers and nature enthusiasts can enjoy a clean and pollution-free environment and revel in the breathtaking countryside.

Visiting Ranaghat

Visiting Ranaghat:  Things To Do In Pasighat
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You will like visiting Ranaghat that’s located in the Aalo Block, in the West Siang District. A little village set near the Kombo Papark and Gune Bane Village, the Ranaghat Bridge is renowned amongst the tourists for its striking sight, with the land being self-contained with natural beauty and captivating views.

The Pasighat Canal

The Pasighat Canal:  Things To Do In Pasighat
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Besides the varied tourist spots in Pasighat, there’s a giant canal as well that’s worth a visit in Pasighat. Measuring about 3.5m in width in a rectangular shape, the canal houses a pond of 38m in length and 36m in width, while the inner part of the water channel reveals a mountain where bricks of nearly 13 varying lengths were discovered from a brick wall and once can still witness the assessments and further research activities being conducted her to gauge the actual area of the Tribal Settlement here.

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