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Things To Do In Tezu

Planning A Trip To Tezu? Here's our list of top things to do in Tezu

Lohit District’ HQ and a census town, Tezu is one of the 4th largest towns in Arunachal Pradesh and is by far one of the most developed ones as well. Inhabited by the Mishmi Tribe with varied traditions and rituals that date back to Mahabharata, the small town of Tezu welcomes tourists with a warm heart and always on the lookout to being a good host. From enjoying local hospitality to participating in local cultural festivals to exploring a variety of outdoor adventures or gorging on local delicacies, there is an assortment of things to do in Tezu and you’d be privy to new discoveries at each step.

Adventure Galore

Adventure Galore:  Things To Do In Tezu
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This quaint little jewel in Arunachal Pradesh’s list of beautiful tourist destinations has earned quite a repute in captivating adventure enthusiasts and is brimming with pristine forests, picturesque rivers and a number of adventure activities that include camping, angling, river rafting and fishing. You can also explore the wilderness or go bird watching in Tezu.

Spiritual Sojourn

Spiritual Sojourn:  Things To Do In Tezu
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A town that offers an unmatched spiritual vibe and adorned with several sacred religious spots and temples, Tezu attracts a large number of visitors each year, especially those who are looking for some quiet self-reflection and purity in their surroundings. In January, each year there’s a large religious festival that’s organized on Makar Sankranti and draws a major crowd of pilgrims and devotees from all across the world at the Parashuram Kund.

Cultural Events

Cultural Events:  Things To Do In Tezu
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Tezu has a rich cultural legacy and besides the Mishmi Tribe that occupies a large part of the town, there are some other tribes as well like the Mijus, Khamti and Digaru, and all the Tribes lives together in perfect harmony and display an enchanting union of integrity, celebrations and gaiety during the carnivals and festivals. Tamladu is one such significant festival celebrated by the Miju Mishmi and Digaru communities with some other events like the Adi Festival, Sangken, Losar-Monpa Festival and Reh. These events are a must-see experience for visitors flocking Tezu as the town is vibrantly alive and there are colorful traditional attires, fancy customs, beautiful dances and delectable food items on offer everywhere!

Taking a Dip in the Hot Springs

Taking a Dip in the Hot Springs:  Things To Do In Tezu
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Located 5km from Walong, Tezu is a hot spring Bath which is frequented by visitors in large numbers. A major tourist spot, the spring is considered quite refreshing and has a lot of people soaking inside the pool every day. A bath in this spring is considered rejuvenating and therapeutic.

Lohit View Point

Lohit View Point:  Things To Do In Tezu
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One of the most popular tourist spots situated atop the Rocky Mountains in Tohangam, Lohit View Point is 32km from Tezu town and falls en route Hayuliang with panoramic sights of the glorious valleys, breathtaking sunrise and sunset views and an ideal place for a day picnic. Visitors flock the area for their share of fresh air and to view the picturesque beauty of Mother Nature.

Sightseeing the ancient ruins of Bhismaknagar

Sightseeing the ancient ruins of Bhismaknagar:  Things To Do In Tezu
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An archeological site located close to Roing in Arunachal Pradesh, Bhismaknagar is symbolic of ancient glory and represents a high standard of habitation that prevailed way back during the Chutiya Kingdom reign. Spanning over 2500 acres, Bhismaknagar is a significant ancient site that was built during the 8th century and then rebuilt again later. Constructed of burnt bricks that have given the fort an incredible and striking top view reflects on the skillfulness of the ancient civilization. An amazing work of art, the fort is encompassed by a 4.5m high and 6m wide wall made of granite stones with bricks on the south, east and west directions, while the Mishmi hills surround the fort on the north end. The fort’s construct reveals its medieval culture and came out with incredible artworks that included terracotta plaques, decorative tiles, terracotta statues during an excavation in well-preserved conditions.

Exploring the Handicrafts of Tezu

Exploring the Handicrafts of Tezu:  Things To Do In Tezu
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Located in the Lohit District, the Tezu District Museum and Crafts Center is a renowned tourist site which displays a variety of art collections that depict the tribal culture of Arunachal Pradesh and is popular for its exhibits of local history, costumes, accessories, traditional weaponry and a unique assortment of manuscripts & paintings. Established in 1956, the Tezu District Museum and Crafts Center has been set up to promote the local tribal culture from a tourism standpoint.

Watching the Sunrise in Dong

Watching the Sunrise in Dong:  Things To Do In Tezu
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A small and untouched spot, the Dong Valley is a beautiful place to view the sunrise, where the sun rises first in India. Located 1240m above the sea’s level at the confluence of rivers Sati and Lohit, the pristine valley gives off a captivating view and can be reached after an 8-hour trek, about 1 ½ hour from Walong’s military base. There’s a war memorial as well where you can offer your respects to the brave hearts from the Indo-China war.

Visit the Tea City of Dibrugarh

Visit the Tea City of Dibrugarh:  Things To Do In Tezu
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Located 168km from Tezu, Dibrugarh is an emerging industrial and communication hub in North East India. A popular destination for leisure and business trips, Dibrugarh is brimming with natural marvels and cultural heritage from a tourism perspective. From being a gateway to 3 significant tea-producing districts to being renowned for the longest train-road bridge to being known for its natural reserves, the city’s a perfect blend of tradition, scenic beauty and culture. With its gurgling rivers, sprawling tea plantations and lush greenery, the city has gained immense recognition for its plethora of outdoor activities, local cuisine and shopping as well.

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