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Things To Do In Dirang

Planning A Trip To Dirang? Here's our list of top things to do in Dirang

Dirang’s all about natural springs, lush greenery and snow-capped mountains with extensive Bhutanese influence, given its closeness to the country. Popular for its 150-year old citadel, Dirang Fort is filled with stone houses that were built keeping in mind the harsh weather conditions and known for their architectural genus as well as picturesque sights of the encompassing region. From immersing yourself in the natural hot water springs to hiking in the Sangti Valley to enjoying bird watching, there’s a variety of things to do in Dirang, and here’

Scenic Stroll in Village Dirang

Scenic Stroll in Village Dirang:  Things To Do In Dirang
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If you’re a nature enthusiast, it’d be refreshing to take a walk in the picture-perfect village of Dirang, strolling casually with beautiful scenic surroundings keeping you company and incredible panoramic views. You can expect to see different and ancient structures, wildlife, prayer wheels and bridges lined with Himalayan Flags along the way, with intriguing add ons in nearly every corner! A brief hike to Dirang gives you a glimpse of mountain life, through the kiwi and apple farms, and the rural community.

Tranquil Reflection by the River Dirang Chu

Tranquil Reflection by the River Dirang Chu:  Things To Do In Dirang
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After a nice long walk, cool down by the Dirang Chu Riverside and dip your feet in the ice-cold water. The river that originates from Tawang, and flows down is ever clear and fresh and also serves as a picnic spot with beautiful and scenic mountain views and sweet sounds of the gushing river. You can spend a lovely time by the riverside with numerous wooden benches and nature for company. There are rocks near the river as well that you can sit on. The river’s clear water attracts a lot of birds, so you can also enjoy bird watching here.

Behdeinkhlam Festival

Behdeinkhlam Festival:  Things To Do In Dirang
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With an interesting cultural legacy that’s vibrantly appealing, Dirang’s known for its artistic endeavors that involve weaving, wood carves, carpet making, etc. The Monpa Tribe near Tawang is popular for their weaved products and wooden bowls as well as their festivals. The Behdeinkhlam Festival’s one such event that’s most renowned in A.P. celebrated with fun and gaiety, in which Dirang’s folk dance called LAHO is performed with men and women dancing merrily with their arms connected to each other.

Chad Sukra

Chad Sukra:  Things To Do In Dirang
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Celebrated in Mid of April or in early May each year, the Chad Sukra Festival’s celebrated by the people of Dirang as per a popular belief that a farmer can begin the process of sowing the seeds on his land post the festivities and that this event happens in order any form of crop destruction from all kinds of natural calamities. The festival also promotes feelings of joy & well-being, in every sense of the words, strengthening the bonds between people and enhancing communal sentiments of unity and friendship.

Outdoor Activities in Dirang

Outdoor Activities in Dirang:  Things To Do In Dirang
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From calm rides along the sparkling waters in the midst of nature’s lap to exciting adventure/water sports, Dirang’s one destination you’d totally get lost in, feeling the adrenaline rush & excitement of outdoor activities. Dirang’s beautiful with a variety of adventure activities and recreational games that involve treks, water sports, paragliding, boat rides, windsurfing, kayaking, white water rafting and more. These events are meant for people from all age groups and abilities.

Car Rallying in Dirang

Car Rallying in Dirang:  Things To Do In Dirang
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Located 4,900 ft above the sea level, Arunachal Pradesh’s beautiful Dirang Valley is an idyllic place for one of its kind car rally in the country, which is also one of the most awaited annual events. A known stopover destination, Dirang Valley’s got rough terrains, open fields and dry river beds, that make for an ideal setting for an automobile rally. So if you are in Dirang around the time of one, do not miss it for anything!

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