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Dirang Weather And Best Time To Visit Dirang

Planning A Trip To Dirang? Here's a snapshot of Dirang weather and the best time to visit Dirang

Dirang’s at its prettiest best from October when winter starts setting in, given its low altitude. Dirang’s climate doesn’t get too cold and winters are an opportune time to enjoy the scenic views and landmark sights. The weather’s fairly pleasant till summers begin in April. Summer in Dirang is hot and humid, while monsoons bring in a drop in temperature. One of the best times to visit Dirang would be October through April, however, it is best to carry your woolens as the temperature can drop to 5°C in the icy winter weather.

Summer (March-June)

Summer (March-June):  Dirang Weather And Best Time To Visit Dirang
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Summer in Dirang is rather hot with the temperature ranging between 20°C to 40°C from March through June. You can enjoy the Myoko Festival during summers, which is an annual celebration observed by 3 native tribes and celebrated for over 10 days in March each year. It signifies bonds of friendship, honors fertility and celebrates prosperity. But other than that, there is not much attracting tourists to Dirang during summers.

Monsoon (July-October)

Monsoon (July-October):  Dirang Weather And Best Time To Visit Dirang
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The period between July-October experiences monsoons in Dirang and is typically considered the monsoon season, during which time the village is lush green and beautifully alive. You can continue enjoying the outdoor activities in Dirang, as the rainfall is relatively moderate. Monsoons are also the time when the town celebrates the Behdeinkhlam Festival, a vibrant and significant celebration that’s observed in July for 3 days.

Winter (November-February)

Winter (November-February):  Dirang Weather And Best Time To Visit Dirang
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Dirang experiences winter in November through February, during which time, the temperature ranges between 5°C to 12°C. The average maximum temperature from November to February oscillates between 28°C-30°C, while the minimum fluctuates between 8°C-11°C. If you enjoy winters, then Dirang’s the place to be in. The beauty of this destination’s accentuated during winters when the architectural brilliance of its landmarks and tourist sights appear more vibrant and welcoming in the winter chill.

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