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Pasighat Weather And Best Time To Visit Pasighat

Planning A Trip To Pasighat? Here's a snapshot of Pasighat weather and the best time to visit Pasighat

Given its locale, 161m above sea level, Pasighat’s climate is temperate and in comparison to winters, summers are wetter with an average annual rainfall of 153.5”. The temperature in Pasighat often stays at 23°C. A typical lowland in Northeast India, Pasighat has a humid subtropical climate and its unique low-pressure features encompassed by high mountains on three sides make it an ideal destination for inviting rain-bearing clouds from the Assamese Plains. The most ideal time to visit Pasighat is from October through February, i.e., during winters, when the weather is beautiful.

Summer (April-July)

Summer (April-July):  Pasighat Weather And Best Time To Visit Pasighat
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Pasighat’s hot summer season begins from April and lasts up until July that witnesses an increasing frequency of heavy thunderstorms and experiences warm to hot weather that’s also very humid, especially in the mornings. The summers witness an average temperature of 19°C-31°C with August being the hottest month that experiences intense humidity and an average temperature of 28°C and heavy rains.

Monsoon (July-September)

Monsoon (July-September):  Pasighat Weather And Best Time To Visit Pasighat
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Since the rainy winds are blocked by the hills, Pasighat receives exceptionally heavy Monsoons from July through September with an average rainfall of 31.34” that equals nearly 25mm a day. The relative humidity during monsoons is pretty high in Pasighat during July through September and July ends up being the wettest month with over 878mm rainfall.

Winter (October-March)

Winter (October-March):  Pasighat Weather And Best Time To Visit Pasighat
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The winter months of October through March are affected by the dry and cool, yet strong northeasterly winds from Siberian High, making Pasighat a fog-free locale, even during the winter season. The days are warm and clear between November and February with a minimum temperature of 12°C and a maximum temperature of 29°C. Winters is also the best time of the year to visit Pasighat, owing to its pleasant weather and relatively mild cool climate.

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