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Anini Weather And Best Time To Visit Anini

Planning A Trip To Anini? Here's a snapshot of Anini weather and the best time to visit Anini

Anini’s an offbeat tourist spot that’s mostly covered in mist throughout the year, located at an altitude of 1,968m above the sea level. Named after Inni, the Mishmi tribe’s God, Anini’s a small plateau that offers a mesmerizing view of the North-Eastern Himalayas. Anini’s climate varies according to its elevation. For instance, in the lower region, the climate is sub-tropically humid, while around the plateau it is temperate. As it’s located within the monsoon zone, Anini receives nearly 80% of its rainfall between May-October. One of the best times to visit Anini is from November through March.

Summer (April-July)

Summer (April-July):  Anini Weather And Best Time To Visit Anini
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The months of April through July constitute summer in Anini with mild temperatures. It is an opportune time for visitors to enjoy sightseeing in Anini then. The average temperature in summers tends to vary from 20°C-25°C. Summers are usually wetter than winters in Anini. Given its high altitude, the weather’s more or less pleasant in Anini and you can visit summer sites to cool off the heat.

Monsoon (August-October)

Monsoon (August-October):  Anini Weather And Best Time To Visit Anini
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Anini receives heavy rainfall like most nearby towns and cities which also puts a damper on most outdoor activities. As Anini receives both the Northeast and Southwest monsoons of East and South Asia respectively, rainfall recorded on an average in the region is nearly 80%. Monsoon season’s typically beautiful when it comes to enjoying lush greens and natural sights with freshness in the air amidst the beautiful flora and fauna. However, rains can clog the roadways bad, hence it is best to avoid visiting Anini during monsoons.

Winter (November-March)

Winter (November-March):  Anini Weather And Best Time To Visit Anini
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Anini’s breathtaking during winters. The months of November through March may experience snowfall as well, however, the weather’s mostly pleasant this time of the year and are considered the busiest time from a tourism standpoint. Snowfall is quite common during winters and can also become quite heavy with almost 6m-10m snowfall in the mountains. The temperature in winters drops down as low as 2°C. Winters are a perfect time of the year to explore Anini, that is if you are comfortable with cold weather. You can enjoy visiting tourist attractions like the Mehao Lake and wildlife sanctuary, Mayudia and the Bhismaknagar Fort.

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