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Tourist Places To Visit In Anini

Planning A Trip To Anini? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Anini

An offbeat destination that hasn’t been explored much from a tourism perspective, Anini is untouched and its natural beauty is captivating, with mesmerizing scenic views of the Himalayas and the clouds touching the peaks. Peace, calm and tranquility make for an excellent ground to visit Anini amidst the glorious Dibang Valley District. Anini is inhabited by varied tribes, most of which are dependent on significant settlements, of these is the Idu Mishmi Tribe which constitutes a major part of Anini’s population. The quaint hamlets represent the ethnic culture and heritage of the tribes. Here’s a snapshot of tourist places you can visit in and around Anini.

Mathun Valley

Mathun Valley:  Tourist Places To Visit In Anini
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Mathun River flows from the north-west and is joined by the Mipi River from the west-east. Renowned for varied unexplored natural water bodies and rare flora and fauna, Mipi is about 38km from Anini and is best reached by flying into Mohanbari, Assam or by train to Tinsukia with an onward journey by cab. If you plan to take a road trip to the scenic Mathun Valley, then hiring sumo is ideal for the Mipi Circle HQ.

Dri Valley

Dri Valley:  Tourist Places To Visit In Anini
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Compared to the Mathun Valley, the Valley of Dri is relatively plain but extremely picturesque. The river Dri which is rather choppy in the lower region becomes comparatively calmer in the upper areas, making Dambeun, a tourist attraction about 32kms from Anini, an ideal place for picnicking during winters especially. The Dri valley’s rather distinct from the usual trekking spots on the Mishmi Hills and involves minimal climbs that are marked by well-defined trails. The Dambeun HQ circle and the ITBP base camp constitute the last village that’s accessible by transport, beyond which you can only venture ahead on foot.


Athupopu:  Tourist Places To Visit In Anini
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About 50km from Anini is Athupopu, which entails a week’s long walk from the Etalin Circle HQ. The sacred place for Idu Mishmis Tribe in the Talon Valley, Athupopu is considered a sacred site where the souls of the deceased are believed to journey ahead towards eternity and as a mark of respect, a huge mass of stone stands alone here. As per local folklore, a priest once cried over his Mother’s demise on this sacred stone, and it bears the man’s tears and palm impressions on it. Further ahead, there’s a paddy field that is said to have been cultivated by the deceased souls on their forward journey. This village is located at 3,500 m above the sea level at the Kayala Pass on the Indo-China Border, about 120km from Malinye, which is the last village on the outskirts to have transport access and beyond this, you can explore trekking the region on foot.

Dibang Wildlife Sanctuary

Dibang Wildlife Sanctuary:  Tourist Places To Visit In Anini
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One of the 8 wildlife reserves in Arunachal Pradesh, the Dibang Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the upper Dibang Valley spanning over 4,149 sq. km, brimming with rare species of Mishmi takin, musk deer, red panda, red goral, Asiatic black bear, Gongshan muntjac and a rare tiger sight, in addition to some rare bird species as well that include Blyth's tragopan and Sclater’s monal. There’s a flying squirrel that’s been discovered new from the edge of the reserve and renamed the Mishmi Hills Giant Flying Squirrel.

Quaint Hamlets in and around Anini

Quaint Hamlets in and around Anini:  Tourist Places To Visit In Anini
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Besides the popular tourist attractions that include Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary and the Dibang Wildlife Reserve, Anini also has little villages of Arruju New Anaya, Angulin, Roing, Hunli and Ranli that offer a wide rich cultural heritage from a tourism standpoint. Anini continues to be unaffected by the chaos and flurry of city life, owing to its locale amidst the different tribes that offer tourists to understand and explore the tribal culture and their lifestyles. Hunli is known for trekking and its cave temple of Kupunli.

Bhismaknagar Fort

Bhismaknagar Fort:  Tourist Places To Visit In Anini
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Also known as Kundilnagara, the Bhismaknagar Fort is a significant archeological site in Arunachal Pradesh, situated near Roing, about 5 hours from Anini. The fort complex spans over 1860 sq.m and exhibits 3 halls, two extension rooms and 6 ingresses with a 2 meters high stone wall within the complex. The architecture of the fort reflects the medieval culture. When the fort was being excavated, massive pieces of art that included terracotta figurines, potteries, terracotta plaques and other adorning tiles were preserved. The fort is a significant site in A.P from the 12th century built with burnt bricks.

Mehao Lake

Mehao Lake:  Tourist Places To Visit In Anini
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Aside from the Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary, situated at an altitude of roughly 3,000ft, 14kms from Roing is the Mehao Lake spanning over 4 and is known to attract a large number of bird species and ducks. Considered a gorgeous tourist site, the lake’s clear water make for beautiful boating trips in the lake while trekking up a small pathway will lead tourists to virgin forest. There are abundant flora and fauna around the lake. The Mehao Lake is a photographer’s paradise and is encompassed with gorgeous flowers and lush greenery.

Sally Lake

Sally Lake:  Tourist Places To Visit In Anini
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Situated 3km from Roing, the popular Sally Lake is a natural water body surrounded by lush green forests, overlooking the beautiful valley with the gushing river Dibang spanning its tributaries in multiple directions. From enjoying watching vibrant and colorful fish in the clear waters to just sitting back and taking the fresh air and scenic views, Sally Lake is a tourist’s paradise. This natural lake is surrounded by thick vegetation and also forms a part of the Mehao Wildlife Reserve. The best time to visit here is between October through February.

Kampona Pond

Kampona Pond:  Tourist Places To Visit In Anini
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A beautiful pond that’s believed to be Nag Raja’s abode, Kampona Pond ideally means ‘good looking’ in the Adi dialect. An ancient water body with clear water, Kampona Pond is located in Idili village and measures roughly 146 x 90 m. It is about 17km from Roing in a small town east of Tinsukia.

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