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Tourist Places To Visit In Pasighat

Planning A Trip To Pasighat? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Pasighat

Founded by the British in 1911 AD to gain control over the magnificent Abor Hills Region, Pasighat is today considered the administrative HQ of East Siang District in A.P. and perched at an altitude of 155m above the sea level. Brimming with a charming picturesque beauty that’s abundant with lush green forests, sparkling waterfalls, splendidly alluring hanging bridges and glorious mountain ranges, Pasighat’s attractiveness magnifies with the beautiful River Sion flowing through it. With ample opportunities to bask in nature’s tranquil loveliness and witness a sun-struck morning sky filled with melodious echoes of colorful birds, there are plenty of tourist places to visit in Pasighat that are ideal for quiet walks amidst dense woodlands, with a soul-calming breeze and a lot more to cherish for a lifetime.

Daying Ering Wildlife Sanctuary

Daying Ering Wildlife Sanctuary:  Tourist Places To Visit In Pasighat
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One of India’s most renowned wildlife parks, in the state of Arunachal Pradesh, the Daying Ering Wildlife Sanctuary spans over 190 and has sedimentary grasslands constituting a significant portion of the reserve, while 15% of it is the wooded area. The sanctuary was established on the land donated mostly by the Monngu Banngos and Mebo and is popularly called Jopong. The only way to reach the sanctuary is to take a cruise and then be introduced to the unique ecosystem, which serves as a natural habitat to varied bird species like wild ducks, cranes, waterfowls, migratory birds from Mongolia and Siberia. The sanctuary’s an absolute delight for bird watchers from September through February each year, while the islands are home to the hispid hare, hog deer, Sambars, elephants, wild buffalos and other rainforest micro and macrofauna.


Pangin:  Tourist Places To Visit In Pasighat
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Situated 60km from Pasighat and connected by road, Pangin is located at the conjunction of River Siom and River Siang where the gorgeous blue waters of Siom meet the sparkling green waters of Siang. The region is also abundant with a variety of rare herbs and plants of medicinal significance and Botanists & Zoologists frequent here often to study the rich wildlife and plants.


Bodak:  Tourist Places To Visit In Pasighat
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The Bodak-Mebo-Jengging Scenic Region is a famous picnic spot for tourists from visiting towns and Pasighat locals. A huge forestry that’s brimming with villages and agricultural land within its midst, 15km from the main town, Bodak is set along the highway from the Siang Bridge, which deviates to the quaint village of Mebo on the right, with the Jengging Village on the left. The area is quite popular among youngsters for long drives and is also home to a stone monolith of Midu Lereng.

Kekar Monying

Kekar Monying:  Tourist Places To Visit In Pasighat
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Kekar Monying is a mountain cliff close to Rottung and is a significant historic tourist spot owing to the history of Adi putting up a strong battle to the British in 1911. The war was a British retaliation in response to the murder of Noel Williamson, a political officer by a local villager in 1910.


Komsing:  Tourist Places To Visit In Pasighat
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Komsing is a quaint little village on the river banks of Siang and the place where Noel Williamson was killed. Visitors can witness a stone inscription bearing his name lying near the River. This is a small tourist attraction and you can stop here on your way to or from Pasighat.


Komlighat:  Tourist Places To Visit In Pasighat
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A river port originally, Komlighat marks the colonial town of Pasighat that’s submerged in the River Siang following a flood, which also leads to the river changing its course. A famous evening spot that’s frequented by locals with their families or individuals looking at fitness, yoga, jogging, etc the spot is also popular for a variety of street food options available in the area. With a captivating view of the river from the Ghat and magnificent sights of the valleys surrounding the plains of Pasighat, one can enjoy the distant snow-capped hills in winters. Given its close proximity to the floodplain, the riverbank offers a breathtaking view of the huge riverine beach. 

Pasighat Buddhist Temple

Pasighat Buddhist Temple:  Tourist Places To Visit In Pasighat
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Located on the opposite end of the airstrip, just off the highway, the Pasighat Buddhist Temple is a small place of worship that’s the only temple in the Buddhist Sect in town. You should stop by for a short visit, followed by some alone time in the shadow of this place of worship.

Adi Baane Kebang HQs

Adi Baane Kebang HQs:  Tourist Places To Visit In Pasighat
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The De Facto Cultural Parliament that governs the cultural, traditional and linguistic aspects of the Adi Ethnicity is also located in Pasighat and known as the Adi Baane Kebang Headquarters. Visit here to learn how the youth of this community works towards promoting their culture, customs and traditions, how they are passionately driven to save their way of life so that their future generations don't forget their heritage.

Pasighat Airport

Pasighat Airport:  Tourist Places To Visit In Pasighat
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A military airstrip, the Pasighat Airport has been upgraded and used as a Civilian Airport to cater to its public. This airport was built as part of a new development project in the Airport category for the Pasighat town. Of course, you will see this airport if you fly into Pasighat. And most tourists do come here by air.


Gomsi:  Tourist Places To Visit In Pasighat
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Gomsi is an agricultural area and a historic spot of significance. An ancient archeological site located between Sika Tode and Rani Village, the region is associated with the findings of the 13th-century Chutiya Kingdom. The spot is historically important owing to the research conducted by Archeologists and the excavations made with varied ruins of past civilization discovered from the undertakings.

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