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Tourist Places To Visit In Tezu

Planning A Trip To Tezu? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Tezu

With a considerable populace of 1500 residing in a local community called Lama Camp, Tezu has Tibetans living here since the 1960s having survived the Chinese Harassment in their homeland. With a sound traditional and cultural heritage that reflects its roots, the town is well-populated with health centers, monasteries, schools, nursing homes, etc. The tiny town of Tezu has a number of significant tourist attractions that include pilgrim spots, nature sites, historic monuments and scenic destinations. There are several tourist places to visit in Tezu that span history, wildlife, religion and more, here’s a list of few.


Dong:  Tourist Places To Visit In Tezu
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The scenic valley of Dong is located at the convergence of Lohit and Sati Rivers and is India’s easternmost village, where the sun rises first in the entire country. Situated at an elevation of 1240m, Dong’s locale is strategically placed at a tri-junction of India, Myanmar and China with spectacular sights that are best viewed on a trek. With incredible views of blue pine forests and snow-capped mountains, Dong is no less a paradise for nature lovers.

Glow Lake

Glow Lake:  Tourist Places To Visit In Tezu
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Set in a scenic landscape, with encompassing snow-capped mountains for a backdrop, the Glow Lake is also surrounded by lush greenery all around it. Located in the Wakro Circle, Glow Lake is at an elevation of 5000ft above the sea level and spans over 8 sq.km. Equipped with proper road conditions, the path to the lake has immense scope for trekking and a delight for adventure enthusiasts.

Parasuram Kunda

Parasuram Kunda:  Tourist Places To Visit In Tezu
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Located by the banks of River Brahmaputra, Parasuram Kunda is renowned for its religious vibes and incredible landscapes. Surrounded by glorious mountain ranges, Parasuram Kunda is cited in ancient literature and frequented by tourists from all parts of the country, especially during the festivities of Makar Sankranti, when it is believed that a dip in the waters can wash off one’s sins. You will find a temple built in reverence of Lord Parasuram as well. Situated 24km northeast of the town of Tezu, Parasuram Kunda’s a captivating site for nature lovers.


Chaglogam:  Tourist Places To Visit In Tezu
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A charming locale to the left of River Dalai, Chaglogam is located 170km from Tezu and attracts tourists in large numbers for its picturesque beauty and a variety of adventure sports that include river rafting, trekking and angling. Situated 1258m above the sea level it also has amenities for mountaineering and other outdoor activities. The local Mishmi Tribe inhabits the region and is known for its hospitality and charming ethnic culture.

Hawai and Hayuliang

Hawai and Hayuliang:  Tourist Places To Visit In Tezu
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Renowned for its ethnicity and beautiful chilly climate, Hawai in Mishmi implies to a pond and is located 1296m above the sea level. Tourists usually flock the site for some leisure time near the bridge over the River Lohit and is encompassed with a variety of pineapple, bajra, orange, kiwi, cardamom and maize fields that add to the glorious scenic beauty of the place. Hayuliang is set 750m above the sea level and is abundant with a captivating view of the congruence of Rivers Dalai and Lohit. Hawai is also known for the Anjaw (Cable Suspension) Bridge which is constructed above the river Lohit.


Kibithoo:  Tourist Places To Visit In Tezu
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A small town and circle HQ, Kibithoo is popular for gleaming waterfalls and rivulets and is located by banks of River Lohit. Situated at an altitude of 1305m above the sea level, the town lies in close vicinity of the Indo-China Border and was witness to the 1962 war. Encompassed by mountain ranges of 10,000-16,000 ft Kibithoo has a wide expanse of wild rash berries, alluring flowers and thick pine forests, along with a 30kW Hydel Electricity Project that was commissioned in town. It is inhabited by the tribes of Mishmi and Zedkring and is also known for its excellent craftsmanship for souvenir shopping.

Hawa Camp

Hawa Camp:  Tourist Places To Visit In Tezu
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A natural habitat situated 33km from Tezu, the Hawa Camp has a breathtaking view of the Lohit Valley and is frequented by visitors more for incredible views of the rising and setting sun. With a panoramic view of the valley, Hawa Camp makes for an ideal picnic spot and is a small hamlet with a tiny populace with abundant opportunities to photograph mesmerizing natural marvels.


Walong:  Tourist Places To Visit In Tezu
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Known as a place full of bamboo, Walong in Mishmi is situated 1094m above the sea’s level on the banks of River Lohit and represents a great ancient significance owing to the martyrdom of Indian soldiers during the 1962 Chinese Invasion. Just 20km from Indo-Chinese Border, Walong is also popular for its Namti Valley which houses a war memorial built in honor of the deceased soldiers.

D’Ering Memorial Wildlife Sanctuary

D’Ering Memorial Wildlife Sanctuary:  Tourist Places To Visit In Tezu
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Established in 1978, the D’Ering Memorial Wildlife Sanctuary was earlier known as Lali Wildlife Sanctuary and spans over 190 sq.km. Home to varied wildlife species that include elephants, tigers, hog deer and wild pigs, sambar deer and rare bird species of over 150, nearly 80% of the sanctuary is filled with mudflat prairies. Located on the border of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh, 20% of the wildlife sanctuary is full of riverine forest patches that are abundant with bamboo of mixed variety and secondary forests.

Tezu Botanical Garden

Tezu Botanical Garden:  Tourist Places To Visit In Tezu
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Spanning over 23 hectares of land and home to a large assortment of rare plant species, the Tezu Botanical Garden oversees varied cultivation methods and conservation of plants that are taught here. A popular tourist spot in Arunachal Pradesh, the botanical garden is speckled with different flora species, an assortment of medicinal plants and is nature’s paradise to escape the city life. Fragrant and fresh, Tezu Botanical Garden is a charming tourist spot. You can also visit the Tezu Park for an evening walk, where the kids can enjoy a variety of amusement rides. A well-manicured park, Tezu Park is centrally located and is abundant with a number of flora species.

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