Namdapha National Park
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Tourist Places To Visit In Namdapha National Park

Planning A Trip To Namdapha National Park? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Namdapha National Park

Recognized as India’s 4th largest National Park, Namdapha National park’s a biodiversity hotspot and one of the most visited tourist destinations in India. With a variety of picturesque sights and incredible wildlife to offer, Namdapha amazes all of its visitors with numerous campsites within the forest region and is home to over 425 flora and fauna species. Namdapha Reserve came into existence and became internationally significant during World War II owing to its abundant biodiversity. Established as a sanctuary in 1972, Namdapha was declared a tiger reserve in 1983 and then a National park in the same year. It also served as a refugee camp for numerous immigrants and continues to be a safe haven for Bangladesh Refugees, settled by the Indian Government. Here’s a list of tourist places to visit in and around Namdapha National Park.

Wildlife in Namdapha

Wildlife in Namdapha:  Tourist Places To Visit In Namdapha National Park
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Owing to the presence of varied vegetation, Namdapha is known to be the ultimate region for several rare animal species that include Tigers, Red Panda, Snow Leopards, Clouded Leopards, Himalayan Bears, Wolves, Asiatic Black Bears and other carnivore species like the Red Fox, Yellow Throated Marten, Eurasian Otter, Spotted Linsang, Oriental Small Clawed Otter, Binturong, Small Indian Civet, Masked Palm Civet, Marbled Cat, Asiatic Golden Cat and several more! In addition, the herbivore clan is led by the Elephant Wild Boar, Forest Musk Deer, Indian Muntjac, Sambar, Hog Deer, Gaur, about 7 varieties of non-human primates like the Assamese Macaques, Rhesus Macaques, Stump-Tailed Macaques, Hoolock Gibbons and Slow Loris. It is quite challenging to spot these wonderous animal species in a common area and only a Safari Excursion can help you have a lovely and thrilling wildlife excursion.

Namdapha’s Flora Heritage

Namdapha’s Flora Heritage:  Tourist Places To Visit In Namdapha National Park
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Namdapha National Park has numerous rare, wide-spread and endangered plant species as well that include the Sapria Himalayan, Balanophora Spp, which are two rare root parasites, in addition to 20 taxa Gymnosperms in the North-East. The Amentotaxus, Larix and Cephalotaxus varieties are endemic to Namdapha, while the Sumatran Pine and Delavay's Fir can only be found here and nowhere else in the country. There’s an assortment of ferns also found here, of which the most well-known is Cyathea sp., a primitive tree fern. There are numerous rare orchid as well like the Blue Vanda, Host’s Slipper Orchid that are sighted in Namdapha.

Miao Museum

Miao Museum:  Tourist Places To Visit In Namdapha National Park
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Managed by the Park Authorities, the Miao Museum is located at Namdapha close to the Field Director’s Office and has a room that displays animal specimens from the Park and its adjoining areas, collected over decades from numerous surveys. The museum houses several frog and snake varieties in addition to a large number of mammal pelts, bird skins and skulls. You can witness a whole skeleton of a large python mounted on the wall and another room houses the tools, exhibits of village life from Namdapha’s locals and their clothing.

Miao Mini Zoo

Miao Mini Zoo:  Tourist Places To Visit In Namdapha National Park
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Located opposite the Mio Museum near the Field Director’s Office the Mini Zoo in Namdapha houses numerous primates, small carnivores, black bears and a crocodile enclosure, with a large pen with the Barking Deer and Sambar. The Miao Mini zoo is a natural habitat to the Assamese Macaques, Hoolock Gibbons, Pig-Tailed Macaques, Slow Loris, the Himalayan Palm Civet, Leopard Cats and Porcupines.

Moti Jheel-Buffer Zone

Moti Jheel-Buffer Zone:  Tourist Places To Visit In Namdapha National Park
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Moti Jheel is located at the end of a 10-mile walk (2-4hours) from the Forest Department Campsite in Namdapha National Park and is actually a small natural pool. Located atop a highland, Gibbon’s Land, the Moti Jheel can be reached after climbing a steep path amidst stunning semi-evergreen and deciduous forests with epiphytes covered trees and moss-laden branches. The path is also an incredible bird watching trail where you can hope to sight the Rufous-throated Fulvetta and Green Cochoa, in addition to the Malayan Giant Squirrels, Gibbons and Capped Langurs.

Raja Jheel

Raja Jheel:  Tourist Places To Visit In Namdapha National Park
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Dividing the main trail between the Hornbill and Firmbase right before you reach the Rani Jheel is the Raja Jheel at the Buffer Zone which is about an hour’s walk. A forest swamp that’s now dense with vegetation, the jheel’s main attraction lies in its habitat and the bird species en route to the marsh. The trail to the Raja Jheel leads up to the mountains beyond the marsh and can lead you to a steep and challenging path on further trailing. You can also enjoy camping by the Raja Jheel at a small stream in the valley, about 20 minutes from the Rani Jheel.


Gandhigram:  Tourist Places To Visit In Namdapha National Park
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One of the largest settlements close to Namdapha National Park, locally known as Shidi, a flat land by the Lius, Gandhigram is a neat and well-planned hamlet. With a variety of traditional chang houses that are built in rows along varied parallel streets, Gandhigram provides an excellent opportunity for the local and old-style entropy at the Reserve. Further ahead in about 18km from Gandhigram is Vijaynagar which is a base area for the Assam Rifles and the advanced landing ground for the Indian Air Force.


Deban:  Tourist Places To Visit In Namdapha National Park
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A smart forest camp and well-set, Deban is located by river banks of Noa-Dihing and situated within Namdapha National Park’s periphery. Here you’d be able to revel in the picturesque view of the entire region which overlooks the river. You can also choose to stay at the Forest Inspection Bungalow, a little ahead from Deban, close to the river and explore varied outdoor activities like angling, hiking and trekking.

Firmbase & Hornbill.

Firmbase & Hornbill.:  Tourist Places To Visit In Namdapha National Park
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Firmbase is situated on the banks of the Noa-Dihing River about 25km from the Deban Forest Lodge and is a renowned camping site amidst the scenic valley equipped with basic amenities. Encompassed by dense forests en route to the camp, you can expect to witness a number of wildlife animals. Another significant campsite about 9km ahead is the Hornbill which owes its name to the bird’s home ground. You will find flocks of Hornbills at all times of the day going about their business here.

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