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Mechuka Tourism And Travel Guide

Planning A Trip To Mechuka? Here's a detailed Mechuka tourism and travel guide to help you plan a memorable holiday
Current Temperature:
23.4° C / 74.1° F
Current Conditions:
Broken Clouds
Best Months To Visit:
October to February
Recommended Duration:
2 to 3 Days
Nearest Airport:
Mohanbari Airport (444 kms)
Nearest Railway Station:
Naharlagun Station (537 kms)

Rapidly gaining popularity, Mechuka’s been considered a must-visit tourist destination in Arunachal Pradesh, thanks to the beautiful sceneries, glorious valleys and snow-capped peaks along with the gorgeous Siyom River with captivating sights of the hills. Renowned for its exotic tribes and picturesque landscapes, Mechuka is also called Menchuka and is a small town placed above the sea’s level in the Mechuka Valley, and houses a number of tribes that includes Libo, Bokar, Ramo and Memba Tribes. Owing to its religious and historic legacy and the beautiful Yargyap Chu River, Mechuka’s frequented by visitors from across the globe. Tourism in Mechuka is inviting and culturally vibrant and here’s a travel guide to help you find your way in Mechuka and its neighboring areas.

How to Reach

How to Reach:  Mechuka Tourism And Travel Guide
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To visit Arunachal Pradesh, Indian Citizens require an ILP – Inner Line Permit which can be obtained from the Arunachal Bhawan in New Delhi or the ILP Office in Guwahati. It can also be applied for INR 100 or gotten from over the counter at the Guwahati Airport for INR 400. Permits vary according to the places you visit within Arunachal Pradesh.


By Air:

Since Mechuka doesn’t have an airport of its own, the closest airport to it would be the Lilabari Airport. But, if you plan to take a flight to Dibrugarh then it is best to hire a cab to make the onward journey to Mechuka. The flight journey takes about 2 hours and 35 minutes and then about 7 hours to Mechuka by road. Alternatively, when you arrive in Dibrugarh you can take a ferry and cross the Brahmaputra, and then hire a cab to Along for an 8-hour journey to Mechuka.


By Train:

If you’re flying in from Guwahati, to reach Mechuka you can board the Lachit Express to Silapathar Train Station which takes roughly 9 ½ hours to reach and then make the onward journey by cab to Along which takes another 6 hours, spend a night there and then take another cab ride to Mechuka in about 8 hours. Alternatively, you can board the Donyi Polo Express from Guwahati to Naharlagun, take a shared taxi from there to Itanagar and then another cab ride to Along which is an approximate travel time of 8.5 hours. After spending the night in Along, you can travel to Mechuka the next morning by a shared cab again.


By Road:

From Khonsa, you can hire a gypsy cab or a jeep to reach Mechuka, as the number of local APRTC buses is quite limited and over-crowded as well. It is best to make the journey in a shared or private taxi to ensure a comfortable and relaxing road trip.


Getting Around:

In the absence of buses and share vehicles within Mechuka, it is best to hire a Sumo Cab to hit the valley and enjoy moving around within and around Mechuka.

Weather and Best Time to Visit

Weather and Best Time to Visit:  Mechuka Tourism And Travel Guide
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The Weather in Mechuka is typically at its best during March through May and September through November, while June through August’s laden with torrential showers and winters affect the climate with snowfall and sub-zero temperatures.


Summer (March-May):

To enjoy Mechuka, the months of March through May are quite pleasant and you’d be able to witness beautiful landscapes, explore a variety of adventure activities and revel in cool mountain breeze, fresh air and Mother Nature’s glory in its entirety during summers.


Monsoon (June-September):

June through September constitute the monsoon season in Mechuka, which can dampen travel and any sightseeing plans visitors typically have. The weather during this time is quite unpredictable and affected by heavy rainfall, which can adversely affect the road conditions and bring life to a standstill. It is best to avoid visiting Mechuka during the monsoon season.


Winter (October-February):

The best time of the year to visit Mechuka is during the winter season, when you’ll get to experience a blend of sunny skies, snow-capped peaks and lush green landscapes in abundance. However, it is best to be packed nice and warm with woolens that are heavy to avoid coming down with a flu, as winters in Mechuka are rather chilly and laden with snowfall.

Things To Do

Things To Do:  Mechuka Tourism And Travel Guide
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A Divine Experience at the Gurudwara:

Amidst the dreamlike ambiance of a beautiful scenic Mechuka Valley, to find a serene place of reverence is no less of a Divine experience! The Gurudwara in this gorgeous Buddhist village was built in 1980 and is located over the river in reverence of Guru Nanak who was believed to have stayed here for some time and meditated en route to Tibet. Every afternoon, you’d find Indian Army Soldiers attending daily prayers at the Gurudwara and chanting in unity, with subsequent meal serving to the locals and visitors, made by the brave hearts and served by them as well.



Mechuka’s renowned for its rich culture as well. Come February and the valley reverberates with the Losar Festival, which welcomes the New Year, spanning over 15 days. Then, there’s the Mopin Festival, a 5-day cultural affair that celebrates wellness and prosperity as observed by the Galo Adi Tribe.



Enjoy flying like a bird against the picturesque landscapes of snow-capped mountains in the Mechuka Valley with Tandem paragliding. There are competitions that conducted for sports professionals to experiment with and hone their skills, for which participants from all over the world and India visit as well.  



The ice-cold waters of River Siyom are no less inviting for adventure enthusiasts who enjoy kayaking. There are championships organized in various categories in the sport, which is well-attended by people from all over the world.

Where To Eat

Where To Eat:  Mechuka Tourism And Travel Guide
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Mechuka’s a small village town and as such doesn’t have a number of fancy eating joints. However, whatever little you do find here has a variety of local fares that include Thukpa, Chowmein, Meat & Veggies, Rice and Dal, Momos to keep you happy and full! You can explore the cafes, eateries around the Main Market or the Kunsang’s Café near the airfield for some delicious food experience. Since Mechuka doesn’t really have resorts or hotels, when you lodge at a homestay, the fresh food in the community kitchen at your homestay will not disappoint tickling your taste buds.

Where To Shop

Where To Shop:  Mechuka Tourism And Travel Guide
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Mechuka’s market has a number of wine shops from where you can pick Rice Beers, Chang or Ara to sip on. In addition, the market’s brimming with an assortment of local handicrafts, ceramics, woolens, souvenirs and stylish boots at throwaway prices.

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