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Things To Do In Mechuka

Planning A Trip To Mechuka? Here's our list of top things to do in Mechuka

Mechuka’s dreamlike valleys characterize beautiful and pristine natural beauty with its wide range of mesmerizing landscapes, snow-capped mountains, shimmering waters and lush green sloping hills that are bound to make you speechless. Home to varied aboriginal tribes, exotic locales Mechuka (which implies to medicinal waters of snow) is a typical Buddhist Hamlet in the Himalayas, located just 29km from the Indo-Tibetan border, Earlier known for its tactically placed military landing strip, this forbidden valley in Arunachal Pradesh became accessible only in 2003 in honor of Dalai Lama’s welcome to the ancient Monastery of Samten Yongcha. From active adventurous activities of mountain biking or paragliding, hot air ballooning to cultural events like a 5-tribe mega dance, there’s a variety of things to do in Mechuka.

Lunching by the pristine Water Retreats

Lunching by the pristine Water Retreats:  Things To Do In Mechuka
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Mechuka’s diligent populace harvests rice from their terraced farms by the riverside of the bubbling Siang River which also keeps them calm and peaceful as they work. Encompassed by fragrant orchids of Oranges, these farms are an ideal location to relax back in for some beautiful mountain sunshine and fresh air with an authentic Mechuka fare packed from a local eatery for an ideal riverside picnic lunch.

Crossing the Hanging Bamboo Bridges

Crossing the Hanging Bamboo Bridges:  Things To Do In Mechuka
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The tiny villages by the eastern bank of Sian River are connected well to the river’s west side road. Encompassed by structures that look like picture collages of the state with a number of narrow bamboo bridges, you’d enjoy and have your heart in your mouth kind of experience with the bridges swaying dangerously over the aggressive rivers. With each step, you can feel the bridges wavering over the clear green waters with waves crashing on the rocks. You can also explore river rafting activities under the hanging bridges.

Roaming the wilderness and passing through the cracks

Roaming the wilderness and passing through the cracks:  Things To Do In Mechuka
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Enjoy dipping your feet in the chilly river under the warm sunlight amidst the lush green fields. Explore the huge expanse of greenery around you and as you come across the wild berries, embrace the child within by plucking the colorful berries. Just a little ahead of a Gurudwara, by the beautiful river-side, there’s a Taposthan with a giant rock that’s split in half. According to popular folklore, there’s a story behind this rock which makes it special. It says that people who are evil get stuck between the two halves and cannot pass through to the other side. You will also come across horse herds grazing all around.

Interacting with Mechuka Locals

Interacting with Mechuka Locals:  Things To Do In Mechuka
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Mechuka’s completely different from the rest of the country and you will experience it in the way its architecture defines this offbeat destination. Instead of the typical brick and mortar built houses, you will find them replaced by wood. You will find on further exploration a huge Tibetan presence with Gompas lining up the pathways and people dressed up in traditional Tibetan Apparel. Wednesdays are considered special for that’s when the locals are encouraged to dress up in their traditional refinery. Get familiar with the local tribes and experience their hospitality, learn how to make momos or share a meal with them! Do taste the popular butter tea here which is prepared by churning Yak’s milk in a wooden machine.

Hiking at Menchuka La Hill and Sipping the Cold Millet Beer

Hiking at Menchuka La Hill and Sipping the Cold Millet Beer:  Things To Do In Mechuka
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Mechuka is a picturesque destination with numerous glorious valleys surrounding it. The Menchuka La Hill is one of them where hiking up to the peak will offer you a bird’s eye view of the town below and enjoying a meal amidst the mountains will just add to the beauty and serenity of the atmosphere you’d be in. You would be able to view the town on one end, and admire the snow-capped mountains on the other! Don’t miss sipping the popular Millet Beer here. An alcoholic beverage made by the Memba Tribe, the beer comes topped with some millet powder which is mixed in the drink as an energizer. So not only will the beer make you tipsy, energize you but also aid your overall health!

Visiting the Gurudwara

Visiting the Gurudwara:  Things To Do In Mechuka
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Out in the wilderness, amidst the encompassing mountain ranges, lush green meadows, finding a Gurudwara is a rare experience you’d enjoy immensely. Especially because the place is also known to offer delicious langar, served by specially appointed Indian Army personnel. There’s a hanging bridge just behind the Gurudwara which is about 7,600 ft above the sea’s level and you can spend time here listening to some captivating tales of Guru Nanak in Mechuka.

Trekking in Rinjinling

Trekking in Rinjinling:  Things To Do In Mechuka
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There’s a shepherd’s hut in Mechuka in Rinjingling, where you’d find a trail onto the steep side of the grass hillock. A trek through the trail will lead you to two shepherds’ huts which are situated in an area that’s brimming with huge cows. Enjoy a leisurely stroll and revel in the greenery that surrounds you.

Picnic by the Riverside

Picnic by the Riverside:  Things To Do In Mechuka
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Usually called Yargyap Chu, the River Siyom’s scenic sights are best explored by enjoying a live picnic/roasting as the locals call it by the riverside. You can cook your meals here, especially meat/chicken that’s roasted and enjoy the picnic outing by a beautiful water body in Mechuka.

Nature’s Retreat

Nature’s Retreat:  Things To Do In Mechuka
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A captivating image of grassy woods, wildflower-laden meadows and adorable little wooden houses, Mechuka’s Valley is a sight for sore eyes with its scenic solidarity with Mother Nature. Enjoy luxurious walks by the countryside, wandering off into the woodlands and losing yourself in the enchanting Mechuka Valley. The valley is also abundant with several water cascades, some falling from a great height, while some slosh gently over moss-green rocks. Take an uphill trek from the Tado Gitu hamlet which will lead you to a waterfall nestled in a forested valley called Siko Dido. Just sit back and enjoy the ethereal surroundings by the waterfall’s plunge pool.

Adventure Festival

Adventure Festival:  Things To Do In Mechuka
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An annual festival that’s focused on promoting Mechuka as an adventure tourist destination, the Adventure Festival is organized in celebration of music, culture and adventure at Mechuka. Spanning over 3 days of festivities, the event is inclusive of a variety of cultural and music programs and also witnesses outdoor activities like paragliding, downhill biking championship, kite flying, kayaking competition, mountain terrain biking and other activities like hot air ballooning, local folk dances, local talents and more.

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