The Garden Route
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Things To Do In The Garden Route

Planning A Trip To The Garden Route? Here's our list of top things to do in The Garden Route

Garden Route is an infinite expanse of breathtaking landscapes and beautiful coastlines across the south-eastern seaboard of South Africa. Starting from Mossel Bay along the western boundary, this region reaches as far as Storms River along the eastern borders. This city derives its name from the flourishing plant life and the number of lakes and bays adorning its coastal sands. Tourists can either oscillate over forest canopies, venture into reserves that breed fierce raptors or hike through scenic trails around the city. Let us look at some of the exciting things to do when in Garden Route.

A Tour across Forest Canopies

A Tour across Forest Canopies:  Things To Do In The Garden Route
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Tsitsikamma is a splendid nature reserve that boasts of more than 100 species of towering trees. Some of these massive trees that form a breathtaking canopy over the underlying forest wildlife include Iron Wood, Outeniqua Yellowwood, Candle Wood, Stink Wood, and Hard Pear. Authorities organize exciting opportunities for tourists to swing across treetops and catch a glimpse of the extraordinary wildlife and natural phenomena that prevail within the jungle. Visitors can glide through canopies on modified cables equipped with complete harness and safety helmets to sight birds such as Narina Trogon and Knysna Loerie.

Encounter Radical Raptors

Encounter Radical Raptors:  Things To Do In The Garden Route
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Tourists can venture into Bird of Prey Rehabilitation and Awareness Centre if they want to gain intriguing insight about the bird life of Garden Route. This excellent rehabilitation hub aspires to spread awareness of birds of prey and how human beings have affected their environment. The awareness center dedicates its efforts towards the release, rehabilitation, and rescue of these magnificent raptors. Tourists can enjoy a thrilling showcase of the raptors' high skills and also take home some fantastic photographs as souvenirs. The authorities also allow visitors to get up close and personal with these creatures.

Black Horse Trails

Black Horse Trails:  Things To Do In The Garden Route
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Black Horse Trails offers fascinating horse rides through the breathtaking jungles that surround the Outeniqua mountains. As is evident from its name, this group provides rides atop black trail horses that originate from Friesland, Netherlands. These gentle creatures provide tourists with rejuvenating trips through the wilderness thanks to their friendly nature. The authorities offer horse rides for different durations, ranging from one and a half hour rides through the eucalyptus forest to three-hour trips across pine estates. Tourists can later spend a refreshing time at the nearby waterfall after the captivating ride.

Tenikwa Wildlife Awareness Center

Tenikwa Wildlife Awareness Center:  Things To Do In The Garden Route
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The Tenikwa Wildlife Awareness Center nurtures some of the rarest wildlife species in the whole of Africa. The reserve helps troubled animals rehabilitate and get back to the wild through safe and steady measures. Located within touching distance of Plettenberg Bay, Tenikwa houses wild animals such as cheetah, serval, caracal, African wild cat, lion, and leopard. The African penguin hogs the limelight when it comes to attracting visitors to the reserve. Tourists can pick and choose between spending time with playful meerkats or catching a glimpse of graceful cheetahs from close quarters.

Explore the Otter Trail

Explore the Otter Trail:  Things To Do In The Garden Route
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The Otter Trail extends across the shoreline of Garden Route, passing through Storms River Mouth and reaching its endpoint at Tsitsikamma National Park. This trail route spans about 42.5 km and requires approximately 4 to 5 days to finish. Some points along this trail reach an elevation of about 150 m above sea level. Tourists can sight breathtaking sceneries on this tail as the route is studded with fascinating cliff points. The combination of incredible landscapes and captivating coastlines makes Otter Trail one of the most beautiful trail routes in the country.

Take up Adventurous Day Sailing Tours

Take up Adventurous Day Sailing Tours:  Things To Do In The Garden Route
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Springtide Sailing Charters provides tourists with a perfect opportunity to sail through serene oceanic waters atop a magnificent yacht. The authorities organize different types of cruises, including day sailing, sunset cruises, honeymoon cruises, and champagne breakfast cruises. These cruises explore the waters surrounding the Knysna Heads, encompassing challenging sailing routes along the way. These cruises are run by trained experts who provide intriguing insights into the region. Visitors can feast on some delicious Mediterranean food and catch up on some swimming before rounding off their exciting cruise.

Catch Fish at Botlierskop Game Reserve

Catch Fish at Botlierskop Game Reserve:  Things To Do In The Garden Route
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Botlierskop Private Game Reserve provides tourists with exciting fishing prospects within its tranquil river waters. Some of the fascinating fish species that thrive in the waters of this game reserve include Largemouth Bas, Freshwater eels, Carp, and Blue Kurper. Visitors are, however, only allowed to catch and release the fish post-observation. Tourists can also take up exciting river cruises that showcase birds such as Blue Crane, Egyptian Geese, and Fish Eagle. Some lucky tourists may even be able to catch a glimpse of the Cape Clawless Otter feasting on fish found in the river.

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