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Things To Do In Durban

Planning A Trip To Durban? Here's our list of top things to do in Durban

Hustling and bustling with activity at all times, Durban is a prime commercial hub of South Africa. The presence of a vital port within touching distance promotes industrial affluence throughout the city. The bright weather of Durban provides tourists with a number of sporting activities to partake in when in the city. Some of these interesting activities include sailing, surfing, scuba diving, and body boarding. A trip to this city would be incomplete without a visit to some of its exceptional stadiums. Let us take a look at some of these exciting things to do when in Durban.

Steer through the shores on a rickshaw

Steer through the shores on a rickshaw:  Things To Do In Durban
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Members of the native Zulu tribe efficiently operate rickshaws around Durban, providing a unique ride through the city. These rickshaws are colorfully decorated with ornaments. In addition, the men riding them also don impressive headgear that consist of beads and other accessories. The local rickshaw riders are extremely polite and provide special assistance for tourists who come onboard. It is a splendid experience to hop on to these rickshaws and cover the magnificent 6-km expanse of Durban's beachfront. Tourists can also savour the moment by picking up some intricately designed handicrafts along the way.

Venture into Ushaka Marine World

Venture into Ushaka Marine World:  Things To Do In Durban
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A trip to Durban would remain incomplete without a visit to Africa's biggest water theme park, Ushaka Marine World. A recovered shipwreck within the vicinity pays home to some exquisite aquatic creatures. Tourists are greeted by playful dolphins that flip with great energy. At the same time, another part of this sea world could have you look up in awe as friendly seals give you a round of applause. Visitors can also gently hold on to starfish at one of the interactive pools or look on as adorable penguins breed amidst their colonies. With colossal aquariums and fascinating watch tanks, Ushaka Marine World amazes one and all.

Visit the Natal Sharks Board at Umhlanga

Visit the Natal Sharks Board at Umhlanga:  Things To Do In Durban
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It is a surreal experience to steer through the sea waters on a water patrol with fascinating seagulls escorting you into the direction of the horizon. This exotic ride through the Indian Ocean offers thrilling sceneries as the boat encompasses Durban's extensive shoreline. Tourists have the opportunity to gain some intriguing insights about environmental influence on sea life such as sharks, dolphins, and seals from the aquatic experts onboard. The interesting part of this expedition is netting some phenomenal shark species and catching a glimpse of them while they are being researched.

Swim and surf through Durban's sea waters

Swim and surf through Durban's sea waters:  Things To Do In Durban
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Located along the eastern shoreline of South Africa, Durban's sea waters form a part of the Indian Ocean. The subtropical weather facilitates warm sea waters throughout the year, rendering the city's beaches apt for relaxation and swimming purposes. The warm waters attract surfers from different parts of the world as they come in search of mighty waves. The north end and south end of the beach remain bereft of shark population, making them perfect spots for tourists to swim through. Some lucky swimmers might also encounter friendly dolphins while venturing into these waters.

Snorkelling at Ushaka Beach

Snorkelling at Ushaka Beach:  Things To Do In Durban
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Situated along the southern tip of Durban's shoreline, Ushaka Beach provides wonderful snorkelling activities. Tourists throng this beach during the winter season to explore the clear waters of the sea and interact with reef fish. Experienced divers normally prefer the high tide phase to adventure into the waters for snorkelling or swimming activities. The Harbour Wall spot is one of the popular diving areas of this beachfront. Some of the exciting aquatic life that thrives within these waters include cuttlefish, electric rays, octopus, damselfish, moray eels, butterflyfish, razorfish, and tobies.

Cage diving with mighty sharks

Cage diving with mighty sharks:  Things To Do In Durban
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It is a thrilling experience to dive into an aquatic world inhabited by sharks, with a sturdy cage keeping you protected. Tourists can get up close and personal with these magnificent creatures. Some of these aquatic behemoths might encompass your cage while some others might just gently swim past you. Xpanda Shark Dive is one such spot within Ushaka Marine World that provides access to cage diving activities with shark species such as Rugged Tooth Sharks and Zambezi. Tourists will notice their blood circulation rate soar high when the cage is hauled down into one of these shark tanks.

Explore Phezulu Crocodile and Snake Park

Explore Phezulu Crocodile and Snake Park:  Things To Do In Durban
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Phezulu Snake Park nurtures a variety of snake breeds such as Green and Black Mamba, Vine Snake, Egyptian Cobra, African Rock Pythons, Southern Brown Egg Eater, and Spitting Cobra. The reserve also houses a Nile crocodile aged 102 years old. Named Junior, this crocodile attracts a truckload of tourists to his side of the park. Another popular member of Phezulu is a Burmese python named Cleo. Weighing 42 kg, Cleo proves quite a handful for those visitors who wish to interact with him. Additionally, the well-informed guides also provide intriguing insights about the snakes and crocodiles that inhabit Phezulu.

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