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Durban Weather And Best Time To Visit Durban

Planning A Trip To Durban? Here's a snapshot of Durban weather and the best time to visit Durban

Durban is one of the prime cities of South Africa, oozing a unique blend of contemporariness and antiquity. Tourists can indulge in a varying degree of activities when in Durban, ranging from exploring the city's beaches and amusement parks to experiencing the nightlife of the town. Durban witnesses tropical weather throughout the year due to its proximity to the ocean. The dry and comfortable climate of the winter season is considered the best time for tourists to explore Durban's expanse. Let us read on to understand how the different seasons fare on account of tourism prospects.

Spring (August to Mid-October)

Spring (August to Mid-October):  Durban Weather And Best Time To Visit Durban
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Spring season in Durban witnesses a pleasant and cool climate, with temperatures normally fluctuating between 13°C and 24°C. This season experiences a considerable amount of rainfall throughout its span. The month of August provides apt weather to rejuvenate on the beaches of Durban or partake in adventurous activities such as trekking or swimming. Tourists can also attend the Poetry Africa Festival if they happen to visit Durban during the spring season.

Summer (Mid-October to Mid-February)

Summer (Mid-October to Mid-February):  Durban Weather And Best Time To Visit Durban
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Durban experiences a hot and humid summer season, with the climate constantly hovering between 17°C and 28°C. The tropical climate of Durban means that the city also witnesses rainfall during this season. The summers usually turn out to be holiday season for locals, and many throng the coastal areas to soak in sunshine atop the golden sands. The sunny weather provides an apt setting for tourists to take on watersports at the beach or swim through the beautiful waters of the ocean.

Autumn (Mid-February to April)

Autumn (Mid-February to April):  Durban Weather And Best Time To Visit Durban
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Autumn season in Durban experiences thunderstorms on a regular basis during the afternoons. The tropical nature of the city creates temperate humidity in the air. The temperatures sometimes ascend to 30°C during autumn season in Durban. The heavy precipitation means that tourists mostly avoid visiting the city during autumn. However, those who wish to partake in adventurous activities and have a liking for the lush vegetation that springs up can surely travel to Durban during the autumn season.

Winter (May to September)

Winter (May to September):  Durban Weather And Best Time To Visit Durban
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Winter season is the most appropriate time of the year to pay a visit to Durban. The temperatures keep alternating between 14°C and 24°C. The parched and cool climate creates an apt environment for tourists to explore the city's popular areas. The welcoming weather provides a perfect setting to relax at the shores or venture on a wildlife safari. Tourists can witness events such as the Goof Food and Wine Show and Durban International Film Festival during winter, as these functions are held around this time every year. The dip in rainfall also facilitates a good chance to interact with the locals of Durban.

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