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Things To Do In Knysna

Planning A Trip To Knysna? Here's our list of top things to do in Knysna

Knysna is a beautiful city that lies in The Garden Route area of the Western Cape. This resort reservoir provides adventurous tourists with exciting options such as hiking trails, safari drives on a jeep, and walking trails. These activities help catch a glimpse of the stunning lakes and mountains that are spread across Knysna. Visitors can venture into one of the beautiful water parks in the town to explore the thrilling joy rides on offer. Serene nature reserves also offer tourists with game drives that showcase magnificent animals. Let us read on to know more about some of these exciting things to do when in Knysna.

Taking a Scootour

Taking a Scootour:  Things To Do In Knysna
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Scootours are electric scootours tailormade for adults. The fact that these vehicles do not release any harmful chemicals makes them environment-friendly. The scootours at Knysna last for about two hours and involve breathtaking rides through the wilderness of the town, passing by tranquil forest streams at times. While atop this unique ride, tourists can catch a sight of the incredible waterfalls and towering yellowwood trees of the region. It is a comfortable experience of descent from the hills while being surrounded by magnificent valleys and forests. Some lucky riders might even be able to spot a wild boar or a bushbuck.

A Tour of Mitchell's Brewery

A Tour of Mitchell's Brewery:  Things To Do In Knysna
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Mitchell's Brewery offers tourists with mouth-watering tasting prospects within its brewery. The brewery is blessed with two different cellars equipped to provide chilling conditions conducive to beer fermentation. Tour guides familiar with the cellars guide tourists through the brewery's core area, sharing interesting tips about brewing stellar natural beer. Some of the intriguing beer varieties fermented within these cellars include Mash Tun, Grist Hopper, Whirlpool, and Kettle. Visitors can overlook incredible natural phenomenon while sipping on some chilling beer.

Dance to Drumming tunes

Dance to Drumming tunes:  Things To Do In Knysna
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The Drum Cafe hosts vibrant African celebrations that tourists can catch a glimpse of when in the city. The abundant cultural life of the South African tribes includes using song and dance as social activities. The age-old drum circle celebrations involve creating dynamic rhythms by just clapping or boom whacking on dazzling plastic tubes reminiscent of African music. Visitors have the privilege of joining in and combining fleet footwork with resounding drum beats, filling their experience with fun and frolic. It is a perfect opportunity for tourists to find their rhythm, lose themselves, and dig deep down into their souls.

A Trip to Brenton Blue Butterfly Reserve

A Trip to Brenton Blue Butterfly Reserve:  Things To Do In Knysna
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Brenton Blue Butterfly Reserve breeds one of the most sparsely found butterfly species in the world. The Brenton blue butterflies visit this reserve between October and December. They thrive about a hectare away from the tropical fynbos and prefer turning to pink flowers bred by a plant originating from the pea family. Studded with candle-wood thickets, Brenton Blue Butterfly Reserve also nurtures several other bird species, mammals, and insects within its territory. The locals consider this reserve as a national treasure.

Hydrofoiling at Knysna

Hydrofoiling at Knysna:  Things To Do In Knysna
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Hydrofoiling is an upcoming watersport that is being practiced more frequently at Knysna as the time ticks. Tourists can embark on these adventurous sports out in the sea or at one of the picturesque lagoons. Some of the prime spots where hydrofoiling can be taken up include the Buffalo Beach and the Knysna Lagoon. A company named Foil-Smart has created hydrofoils that help surfers fly over sea water when attached to their surfboards. These hydrofoils can be connected to surfboards, SUP boards, wakeboards, and kiteboards with ease. This sport is an adrenaline booster for the adventurous souls who visit Knysna.

Ride a Horse through Knysna Forest

Ride a Horse through Knysna Forest:  Things To Do In Knysna
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The Southern Comfort Western Horse Ranch offers rejuvenating horse rides through the green pastures of the Knysna Forest. The center carefully nurtures these horses and trains them to be disciplined on these trips. Accompanied by an expert horse rider, tourists can safely explore the incredible wilderness of Knysna. Interesting phenomenon such as giant strelitzia, wild ferns, indigenous trees, tranquil streams, and hill views can be spotted from different angles while on horseback. Tourists also have options to take up rides on a quad bike to venture into the forest.

Explore Knysna Elephant Sanctuary

Explore Knysna Elephant Sanctuary:  Things To Do In Knysna
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Knysna Elephant Sanctuary offers an intriguing insight into the lives of the majestic African elephants that thrive within its boundaries. These elephants are blessed with a 60-hectare breeding home that boasts of indigenous forests and Cape Fynbos. These plant varieties act as healthy nutrients for the gentle giants. Experienced elephant minders continuously guide you through your trip into the sanctuary. It is a breathtaking sight when you catch these mighty creatures playfully bathing and splashing about water at any of the dams in the vicinity.

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