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Things To Do In Johannesburg

Planning A Trip To Johannesburg? Here's our list of top things to do in Johannesburg

Fondly called Jozi or Jo'burg by the locals, the city of Johannesburg forms an exuberant centre of South Africa. This city has recuperated from a decline during the Apartheid era and is slowly gaining popularity as an upcoming tourist site of the country. With its affable and refreshing atmosphere, Johannesburg attracts tourists from all over the globe.


This city offers tourists a wide range of activities to partake in. Visitors can venture into one of the most enthralling nature reserves around the city, partake in adventurous thrills at Gold Reef City or the Carlton Center, or visit cultural museums to gain a better understanding of the tribal cultures. Let us read on and learn more about these exciting things to do when in Johannesburg.

Venture into Lion Park

Venture into Lion Park:  Things To Do In Johannesburg
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The Lion Park of Johannesburg is a wildlife reserve that strives to protect and nurture the Transvaal Lions. Spanning almost 500 acres of the Gauteng territory, this park fosters around 80 lions. Some of the wild animals that grace this park include spotted hyenas, cheetahs, black-backed jackals, Cape wild dogs and antelopes. Tourists can take up a guided game drive through Lion Park to witness some of South Africa's most remarkable wildlife. These tours of the park include interacting with some of the animals and also feeding animals such as giraffe and ostrich.

Explore Croc City Crocodile and Reptile Park

Explore Croc City Crocodile and Reptile Park:  Things To Do In Johannesburg
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Croc City Crocodile and Reptile Park lies within a touching distance of the Lion Park. Tourists can indulge in exciting activities such as petting exotic snakes, holding baby crocodiles in their arms, and watching tarantulas from close quarters. It is breathtaking to watch the fearsome crocodiles brawl during feeding time to get the better chicken pieces. The park also organizes a venomous snake show wherein tourists can catch a glimpse of some of the most lethal snakes in the whole of Africa. Visitors can always take a photograph with these fierce animals, storing this experience in their albums.

Some merriment at Gold Reef City

Some merriment at Gold Reef City:  Things To Do In Johannesburg
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Located over a gold mine that formerly existed back in 1971, Gold Reef City is an exciting entertainment park. One of the most fascinating rides in the park is the giant wheel. Tourists are rendered with an enticing overview of the Johannesburg's outskirts and the pretty calabash that adorn Soccer City. The casino complex of this amusement park holds exciting prospects for ardent gamers. In addition, tourists can also take a tour of one of the unused gold mines that lie underground. These tours offer intriguing insights about a few mining catastrophes of the past.

Wander into Johannesburg Zoo

Wander into Johannesburg Zoo:  Things To Do In Johannesburg
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The Johannesburg Zoo consists of a vast expanse filled with many animal reserves and informational centers. Overall, the zoo fosters about 2,000 animals within its territory, consisting of more than 300 unique species. A section called Amazonia nurtures wildlife that is normally found in the Amazon, including eccentric coatis, elegant pumas, spider monkeys and intriguing armadillos. The AngloGold Lion Enclosure has the rare distinction of breeding white lions within its territory. In addition, the Ape House area allows tourists to gaze at magnificent orangutans, chimpanzees, and gorillas.

Check out Lesedi Cultural Village

Check out Lesedi Cultural Village:  Things To Do In Johannesburg
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The Lesedi Cultural Village provides tourists with a sneak peek into the social life of the South African tribes and their vibrant cultures. Visitors have the privilege of being entertained by local dance forms and other folklore of tribes such as the Pedi, Zulu, Basotho, Ndebele and Xhosa. Situated within close proximity of Hartbeespoort Dam, this village grants tourists a stay in conventional huts that are lit up with radiant decorations. In addition, visitors can also feast on sumptuous African cuisine served by the locals.

Relish the vertical thrills at Orlando Towers

Relish the vertical thrills at Orlando Towers:  Things To Do In Johannesburg
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Rising to dizzying heights of about 33 storeys, the Orlando Towers of Johannesburg turned into an adventurous entertainment center in 2008. One of the towers has been embellished with picturesque depictions of Soweto township's culture, while the other tower is branded by corporate logos of South Africa's FNB bank. Tourists can indulge in adventurous sports such as zip-lining, bungee jumping, pendulum swinging and abseiling. The towers also organize paintball and rock climbing for those who wish to unwind with some fun sports. The Orlando Towers are apt for tourists to test their adventurous capabilities.

Travel to the Summit of Africa at the Carlton Center

Travel to the Summit of Africa at the Carlton Center:  Things To Do In Johannesburg
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Scaling an astonishing height of 223 m, the Carlton Center offers a rare viewpoint to catch a glimpse of the hustle and bustle of downtown Johannesburg. Forming the tallest corporate building in the whole of Africa, the uppermost floor of this tower is fondly referred to as the 'Top of Africa.' Visitors that manage to travel to the topmost floor of Carlton Center are granted with an all-encompassing vision of the city's landscape and also the outlying countryside. Owing to its grand stature, you are bound to bump into certain famous celebrities on your trip to the Carlton Center.

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