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Things To Do In Hermanus

Planning A Trip To Hermanus? Here's our list of top things to do in Hermanus

Hermanus is a beautiful coastal city in South Africa, famous for whale watching activities all over the globe. The locals have managed to keep their fishermen culture intact over the years. The splendid landscapes and coastal waters of Hermanus promote exciting activities such as whale watching, sea kayaking, treetop tours, and wine tasting. Tourists can also opt for unique recreational activities such as a pottery class or a game of golf. Beautiful cliff paths also create apt trails for tourists to embark on. Let us read on to know more about the fascinating things that visitors can do when in Hermanus.

Sea Kayaking at Walker Bay

Sea Kayaking at Walker Bay:  Things To Do In Hermanus
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Kayaking adventures through the coastal waters of Walker Bay make for a unique experience. Walker Bay houses beautiful aquatic life and provides visitors with stunning landscapes. Venturing into the bay on kayaks provides tourists with a perfect opportunity to fuse adventure with the beauty and abundance of Hermanus's shoreline. These thrilling kayaking tours are set up against a backdrop consisting of bluish-green mountaintops and oceanic rock faces. The kayaking experience involves a round trip of Walker Bay that maintains a safe distance from marine behemoths such as the whales.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding at Hermanus

Stand Up Paddle Boarding at Hermanus:  Things To Do In Hermanus
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Popular as SUP-ing, stand up paddle boarding is an energetic way to explore the coastal waters of Hermanus under bright African sunshine. This unique water sport runs across areas of the ocean where flat waters prevail. One such famous stand up paddle boarding spot in Hermanus is Kleinriver Lagoon. Even tourists who do not favor water sports can indulge in stand up paddle boarding because of the large, well-balanced boards that the authorities provide. This coastal journey involves venturing through the sedate waters while catching a glimpse of the beautiful Overberg region.

Catch up with Mammoth Whales

Catch up with Mammoth Whales:  Things To Do In Hermanus
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Cape Discovery Tours organize an exciting tour of the coastal waters of Hermanus to watch whales flourish in their natural habitat. Gary Flynn, a marine expert, provides visitors with hands-on training on how to go about these whale watching tours. These coastal trips usually last for an entire day. Whales visit the shores of Hermanus between July and November. During these months, visitors can catch a glimpse of these large aquatic beasts from the cliff tops of Hermanus. The mesmerizing sight of these whales leaping into the air and back into the water is truly cherishable.

Engage in a game of Golf

Engage in a game of Golf:  Things To Do In Hermanus
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Hermanus houses some of the most beautiful golf courses in the whole of South Africa. The Hermanus golf course maintains lofty standards with state-of-the-art grassy mounds, fairways, rocky water hazards, and trees. These great traits of the golf course create a visually perfect backdrop to play golf against. Julian Shaw, a former professional player, gives golfing lessons to enthusiastic visitors throughout the week. These pieces of training occur on both a daily and weekly basis. Playing a game of golf is an excellent way to rejuvenate on a bright sunny day.

Take up Pottery Classes

Take up Pottery Classes:  Things To Do In Hermanus
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Lynette Morris-Hale Pottery Studio conducts pottery classes for both experienced and beginner-level ceramicists. Lynette is an accomplished ceramist who has won many accolades. She doesn't shy away from imparting some of her pottery knowledge through her courses. Some of the fascinating things that tourists can prepare during these pottery classes include human forms, soap bowls, dishes, and animal forms. These wonderfully carved pieces of artwork form adorable souvenirs of your trip to Hermanus. Creating things out of clay is a perfect activity for families and groups of friends looking to unwind.

Visit Creation Wines

Visit Creation Wines:  Things To Do In Hermanus
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The grapevines of Creation Wines adorn the Hemel-en-Aarde Ridge area of Walker Bay. Authorities formed the winery in 2007 with the help of modern amenities from Germany, Switzerland, and France. The wine cellar here boasts of world-class white wine such as Chardonnay, Viognier, Semillon, and Sauvignon Blanc. For those who prefer red wine, the basement also stores excellent varieties of red wine such as Merlot, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah Grenache, and Petit Verdot. Tourists can either take up a wine tour to sip on resplendent wine or stroll through stunning fynbos gardens while at Creation Wines.

Hermanus Cliff Path

Hermanus Cliff Path:  Things To Do In Hermanus
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The Hermanus Cliff Path is a stunning cliff that stretches across an 11-km shoreline between New Harbour and Piet-se-Bos. This whole seaboard forms a part of the Fernkloof Nature Reserve and holds exciting whale watching prospects for tourists. The local authorities have set up several benches along this cliff path so that visitors can comfortably catch a glimpse of the mighty whales that visit these waters. Fick's pool is a popular site along this route with its unique collection of dassies. Some more famous spots along this shoreline include Gearing's Point, Grotto Beach, and the Old Harbour.

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