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Things To Do In Stellenbosch

Planning A Trip To Stellenbosch? Here's our list of top things to do in Stellenbosch

Stellenbosch forms a small part of the Western Cape region, with the beautiful Stellenbosch Mountains encompassing the town. Studded with an unending reserve of vineyards, this city provides tourists with leisurely wine-tasting prospects. When done with their wine tasting experiences, visitors can also take up a tour of the Strawberry pastures to devour some home-grown strawberries. Additionally, nature parks that breed exotic birds and animals await tourists with open arms. Let us cast an eye over some of these exciting things to do when in Stellenbosch.

Take up a Stellenbosch Scootour

Take up a Stellenbosch Scootour:  Things To Do In Stellenbosch
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Local authorities organize tours of the picturesque Cape Winelands atop non-motorized scooters. These tours offer tourists comfortable rides that traverse down to the base of the beautiful hillocks. These vehicles allow visitors to catch a glimpse of the exciting birds, animals, and plants that thrive within the nearby nature reserve. The Scootour scooters were manufactured to be eco-friendly, causing no harm to the environment during their farm trips. Experts accompany tourists along the journey, providing wildlife insights and guiding you through the best possible routes to explore.

Ride an electric bike through Vineyards

Ride an electric bike through Vineyards:  Things To Do In Stellenbosch
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E-lectric Ventures organizes trips across the stunning vineyards of Stellenbosch on electric bikes. This exclusive bike ride offers tourists with a comfortable tour of the territory, as the electric motors on these bikes do not require manual assistance from their riders. Tourists can glide through the vineyards with the refreshing breeze across their faces and hair, while the sun shines down on them gleefully. Travellers can also get out of their vehicles and explore the vineyards on foot whenever they wish. These rides frequently pass through exotic spots such as Waterford Wine Estate in the Blaauwklippen Valley.

Visit Eagle Encounters

Visit Eagle Encounters:  Things To Do In Stellenbosch
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Established in 2001, Eagle Encounters is a rehabilitation center that restores birds of prey to normal health through therapy. The unique factor about this wildlife reserve is that tourists can find birds of all sizes meandering in the open air, without the presence of cages. The Touching Gallery spot of Eagle Encounters allows tourists to interact with majestic eagles and owls, providing these birds a resting arm at times. It is a surreal experience to watch these birds in flight from such close quarters. This center offers a perfect picnic site for tourists and locals, with ample activities for children to indulge in too.

Venture on a Strawberry Safari

Venture on a Strawberry Safari:  Things To Do In Stellenbosch
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Strawberry pastures flourish during the summer season of Stellenbosch. The balmy climate and relaxing fruit picking prospects produce a perfect picnic environment. Locals and tourists can roam around the field, picking and tasting any strawberry of their choice. There are no restrictions, which means that visitors can feast until they reach the summit of their appetite. The spot is surrounded by the Stellenbosch Mountains, providing breathtaking sceneries as well. Tourists can fill their baskets with strawberries that they wish to take home, paying per kilogram only.

Hot air balloon rides over the Cape Vineyards

Hot air balloon rides over the Cape Vineyards:  Things To Do In Stellenbosch
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Tourists can also embark on hot air balloon rides that overlook the Cape vineyards. These rides silently glide through the clouds and provide a stunning view of the Drakenstein Mountains waiting to greet you. These trips also offer a view of other spectacles such as Hottentots Holland Mountain Range and Table Mountain from a distance. These colorful balloons take off at surise only, slowly reaching the height of tree canopies before they disappear into the clouds. After an hour of sky-high gliding, tourists are brought back down to the turf. They can now feast on some lovely breakfast at the Grand Roche Hotel.

Sip on Reserve Wines at the Waterford Estate

Sip on Reserve Wines at the Waterford Estate:  Things To Do In Stellenbosch
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The Waterford Estate offers tourists with a taste of some of the rarest vintage wines of the countryside. Some of the excellent vintage wines that are on offer include 2004 Cape Winemakers Guild Bordeaux Blend, 2004 Cape Winemakers Guild Mediterranean Blend, signature flagship red wine 2004, and 2002 - Family Reserve Blend. By scheduling an appointment, tourists can get onboard flights to taste Waterford Estate's collection of vintage wines. Situated amidst the Stellenbosch valley, this estate provides different ways to taste wine, such as a courtyard tasting experience and a private cellar tour.

Explore Drakenstein Lion Park

Explore Drakenstein Lion Park:  Things To Do In Stellenbosch
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Founded in 1998, Drakenstein Lion Park is a perfect rehabilitation center for lions in grief. Located in the picturesque Cape Vineyards, the park continually works on improving the quality of life for these majestic lions. The park breeds local as well as internationally born lions, offering them an incredible 50-acre expanse of sanctuary habitat. The animals that are rescued and ushered to Drakenstein Lion Park are bred in captivity and aren't capable of rejoining the wilderness of the jungle. They are trained to live within the safe areas of the sanctuary, providing tourists with a beautiful wildlife experience.

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