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Things To Do In Sun City

Planning A Trip To Sun City? Here's our list of top things to do in Sun City

Sun City is a beautiful South African tourist destination that boasts of new gaming resorts. Along with its reserve of luxurious holiday homes, the city is also studded with some fascinating natural wonders. Situated within touching distance of Johannesburg, Sun City is South Africa's adaptation of Las Vegas. Tourists can play some gripping casino games, feast their eyes on a cabaret show, explore a game reserve, or have fun atop a golf course while in the town. Let us take a look at some of these exciting things to do when you step foot inside Sun City.

Play Golf at Gary Player Country Club

Play Golf at Gary Player Country Club:  Things To Do In Sun City
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The sophisticated Gary Player Country Club offers a perfect recreational center for golf players and onlookers alike. The club boasts of a 72 par walking golf course and 18 holes. This golf course has proudly hosted mega-events such as Nedbank Golf Challenge, with legendary golf players like Gary Player gracing its circuit. The path is flanked by a beautiful restaurant that caters to the needs of the audience. There is a professional equipment store that sells golfing handyware. With a state-of-the-art gym and lavish spas, this golf club is a must visit on a tour of Sun City.

Get acquainted with the Village Culture

Get acquainted with the Village Culture:  Things To Do In Sun City
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The Motseng Cultural Village showcases the customs and traditions of the great tribal communities that reside within South Africa. The village provides a sneak peek into the traditions, cultures, regalia, dress, and architecture. The Motseng Village proudly preserves ancient customs and traditions. On a tour of the Motseng Cultural Village, tourists can be greeted by honorary song and dance rituals dedicated to tribal legends. Tourists can either catch a glimpse of the exciting art and craft of the Tribal people or feast on delicious African food while in the village.

Ride over Pilanesberg in a hot air balloon

Ride over Pilanesberg in a hot air balloon:  Things To Do In Sun City
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Hot air ballooning is without a doubt the most exciting way to catch a glimpse of the intriguing wildlife at Pilanesberg National Park. Tourists can get atop these hot air balloons from the central area of the park and peacefully float for about an hour. This ride provides a breathtaking view of the serene landscapes that spread across the Pilanesberg National Park. Once done with their hot air balloon rides, tourists can sip on some excellent wine courtesy the organizers. Post wine tasting, you can move to the closest lodge for English breakfast while taking a fantastic game drive through the wildlife reserve.

Take up Segway Gliding

Take up Segway Gliding:  Things To Do In Sun City
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A segway is an interestingly constructed vehicle that works based on its rider's weight balancing skill. This two-wheeled means of transport consists of a base platform set up on an axle, along with upright posts to hold for balance. Tourists can learn how to transfer body weight to each side and make the vehicle move in the direction of their choice. You can either glide through the Lost City Golf Course or drive along the banks of a lake. Once you get a better understanding of the controls of a segway, tourists can also ply them through the Pilanesberg National Park to sight exciting wildlife.

Explore Drumming Aspects

Explore Drumming Aspects:  Things To Do In Sun City
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While in Sun City, tourists have an opportunity to lay their hands on a Djembe Drum. The Djembe Drum is a perfect symbol of the influential rhythms of Africa. Drumming within a confined environment is an ideal way to release stress and uplift the spirit. This restricted area avoids disturbance and offers tourists with apt focus and clarity over their drumming prospects. The organizers also schedule team-building activities that involve interactive sessions by industrial psychologists. Tourists can pick and choose the type of courses they would prefer for their benefit.

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