Sun City
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Tourist Places To Visit In Sun City

Planning A Trip To Sun City? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Sun City

Sun City is a resort town located right in the center of a volcano from yesteryears. The city has gained popularity on a worldwide basis for its unique blend of the vibrant cultural heritage and rhythmic heartbeats of the local tribes of South Africa. Some of the exciting tourist places to visit on a tour of Sun City include game reserves, ancient villages, exhilarating water parks, and magnificently sculpted golf courses. While the casinos at these resorts draw big crowds, the unique wildlife reserves offer exuberant game drives. Let us read on to know more about these tourist hotspots of Sun City.

Predator World

Predator World:  Tourist Places To Visit In Sun City
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Predator World is a wildlife reserve that offers tourists exciting ways to venture into its grasslands. Some of the exciting options include exploring the zoo during the night, interacting with cheetahs, or taking up a game drive. The night venture into the jungle is apt for spotting alluring predators in the dark. Tourists can also walk into a confined cheetah zone to interact with these graceful creatures from close quarters. Apart from these options, tourists can also take up a game drive through the wildlife farm to catch a glimpse of animals such as giraffe, zebra, gemsbok, warthog, eland, kudu, and the white rhino.

Lesedi Village

Lesedi Village:  Tourist Places To Visit In Sun City
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The Lesedi Cultural Village breeds multiple cultures within its confines. Situated within touching distance of Johannesburg, this village is spread across rocky hillocks and unblemished bushveld. Tourists can meet and greet with the locals of Lesedi Cultural Village to get acquainted with the vibrant African culture. A tour of this village provides insights into the fascinating cultures and traditions of the South African folk. It only fits that this village is famous as the cradle of the surviving African civilization.

Valley of the Waves

Valley of the Waves:  Tourist Places To Visit In Sun City
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Valley of the Waves is an ultra-modern water park located in Sun City. Most of the resorts that lie within the city offer easy access to this water park. An incredibly large lagoon is the center of attraction at the park. Some of the other exciting features of the park include a wave machine that generates enormous waves that rise to about 1.8 m. Valley of the Waves also boasts of five thrilling flume rides. One of the exciting rides at the park involves dropping down from a daunting height of 17 m from a parachute and eventually splattering into a pool with less water. The lazy river is also apt for those who wish to relax.

Sun City Resort

Sun City Resort:  Tourist Places To Visit In Sun City
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Sun City Resort has casinos ingrained within its vicinity. The Sun City Casino allows tourists to test their luck at some attractive card and roulette tables and progressive slot devices. The state-of-the-art infrastructure of the resort also includes accommodations ingrained with minibars and coffee making equipment. Blessed with more than 300 slot machines, the Sun City Casino offers tourists with a wide range of games such as American roulette, punto banco, Blackjack, and poker. For tourists who are new to these gaming concepts, the casino also organizes free training to buckle up.

Lost City Country Club

Lost City Country Club:  Tourist Places To Visit In Sun City
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Situated within touching distance of Gary Player Golf Course, the Lost City Country Club is another crown jewel in the list of incredible golf courses that the city possesses. This outstanding golf course was chiseled out of rocky land and surrounding hillocks. Golfers from all over the globe can revel amidst the broad fairways and fast greens of the course. The beautiful landscapes on offer at the Lost City Golf Course provide an out of this world setting for golfers who ply their trade across its vicinity. Its golf course spans 6983 m, and the 18-hole parklands watch over Emerald Hills in the background.

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