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Tourist Places To Visit In Knysna

Planning A Trip To Knysna? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Knysna

Knysna is a beautiful city that adorns The Garden Route vicinity of South Africa. The town boasts of more than 8,000 indigenous plant species and abundant fynbos vegetation. Along with fauna, the region also nurtures magnificent fish species such as the seahorse. Knysna forms a natural haven, offering tourists with dense forests to explore, peaceful lakeside vicinities, golden beaches, and vibrant waterfronts. The perfect setup of mountains and water bodies breeds incredible animal and plant life within the nature reserves of the city. Let's have a look at some of the exciting places to visit when in Knysna.

Featherbed Nature Reserve

Featherbed Nature Reserve:  Tourist Places To Visit In Knysna
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Featherbed Nature Reserve lies within proximity to a natural wonder known as 'The Heads.' This reserve is reachable on a ferry and tourists need to be accompanied by an experienced guide while on tour. Traveling atop the mountain inside a Unimog vehicle, visitors can catch a glimpse of the beautiful lagoon and the serene township that prevail below. Tourists can choose to walk down the hillock and view intriguing caves, bridges, and native fauna. Birds such as the Knysna loerie and the blue duiker breed of antelope also provide eye-catching prospects for visitors.

Knysna Waterfront

Knysna Waterfront:  Tourist Places To Visit In Knysna
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Knysna Waterfront is a picturesque spot that lies right in the middle of the town. This waterfront is a tourism hotspot because of the rejuvenating activities, dining prospects, and glorious vistas on offer here. The area is a shopping hub with several shopping options such as jewellery stores, curio shops, touristy goods, and designer clothing emporiums. It is a rejuvenating experience to be seated at one of Knysna Waterfront's restaurants, sipping on some fine wine and capturing an eyeshot of the clear waters of the lagoon. Visitors can also hop on to a cruise to explore the Western Cape from close quarters.

Karatara Pass

Karatara Pass:  Tourist Places To Visit In Knysna
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Karatara Pass forms the fifth scenic ravine of 7 Passes Road. The attractive landscapes that are on offer while traveling through the backroads of these passes make it a magnificent tourist hotspot. Deriving its name from the Karatara River that is nestled atop the mountains, Karatara Pass spans about 3 km while dropping down the river valley at an altitude of 90 m. One thrilling spot along this route comes up at a concrete bridge where a steep bend in the pass creates a breathtaking decline down the valley. Adventurers would love riding through these tricky yet picturesque pathways.

Knysna Heads

Knysna Heads:  Tourist Places To Visit In Knysna
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Knysna Heads is an entertaining spectacle of nature's work that also holds historical importance. These twin hillocks arise from the ocean to guard the serene lagoon waters and the pleasant township lying below. The pristine waters of the sea consistently strike against these pillars of Mother Nature, offering tourists with several attractive viewpoints from the nearby town. Historically, the Knysna Heads formed a significant relaxing hub for seamen and fishers who would voyage through the forceful waters surrounding them. Tourists usually head to Leisure Isle to catch a glimpse of the scenery from the eastern head.

Pledge Nature Reserve

Pledge Nature Reserve:  Tourist Places To Visit In Knysna
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Pledge Nature Reserve forms a vital green belt within the town of Knysna. The forest area of the reserve is studded with fynbos and wetlands, indigenous plants, streams, serene ponds, and fascinating birdlife. Popularly known as 'Pocket of Paradise,' this nature reserve offers picturesque trails through the wilderness that lead to apt viewpoints. The sanctuary resembles a secluded reserve and remains isolated with fewer crowds visiting its grasslands. Isolation makes it a perfect haven for birdwatchers who wish to peacefully capture snapshots of some of the gorgeous bird species prevailing in the region.

Brenton Beach

Brenton Beach:  Tourist Places To Visit In Knysna
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Brenton Beach lies within touching distance of the Knysna Heads. Combining with the Knysna Heads, this beach offers tourists with stunning sunset points to behold. The rejuvenating stroll through Brenton Beach to reach the resort complex of Brenton-on-Sea is a must on a tour of Knysna. The route is perfect for families looking to unwind alongside the beach. Several food stalls around the seashore offer ice creams and refreshing juices. You can find fishing areas to ply your trade, indulge in water sports, or have the kids playfully splash about at one of the safe rock pools in the region.

Buffalo Bay Beach

Buffalo Bay Beach:  Tourist Places To Visit In Knysna
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Fondly called Buffelsbaai by the locals of Knysna, Buffalo Bay Beach resides within the Goukamma Nature Reserve. The beach boasts of a shoreline that extends to about 14 km, offering visitors with a beautiful pathway along pristine sands. Buffalo Bay Beach has a unique setup that includes white sands, coastal fynbos, and crystal clear blue waves of the ocean. Tourists can take up activities such as surfing, boating, or fishing when at the beach. It is a refreshing experience to bask in the glory of sunshine at Buffalo Bay Beach while catching a glimpse of dolphins gliding through the water in the horizon.

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