The Garden Route
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Tourist Places To Visit In The Garden Route

Planning A Trip To The Garden Route? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in The Garden Route

Garden Route is a favored tourism destination in South Africa that tourists can visit during summers. However, the beautiful flora and fauna that throng the city provide exciting tourism prospects during winter too. The city is blessed with diverse wildlife, impressive natural surroundings, and intriguing cultural heritage. Thus, tourists who visit the Garden Route can either take a tour of museums that host ancient relics, venture into breathtaking wildlife reserves or wine and dine at a serene coastal restaurant. Let us glance through some of the exciting places to visit when in the Garden Route.

Great Brak River Museum

Great Brak River Museum:  Tourist Places To Visit In The Garden Route
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The Great Brak River Museum showcases snapshots and artifacts that provide intriguing insights into the life of the native dwellers of Garden Route. These Khoe and Khoisan people have inhabited the village surrounding Great Brak River since 1839. The school building that initially rested here was converted into a museum in 1972 by Russel Searle. The Searle dynasty had a significant hand in giving shape to the vibrant Great Brak River village during the 1800s. Museums authorities also organize a tour of the hydro-power station built in 1924.

Noah's Park & Wolf Sanctuary

Noah's Park & Wolf Sanctuary:  Tourist Places To Visit In The Garden Route
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Noah's Park & Wolf Sanctuary provides a light-hearted pleasurable experience for families and friends that visit its vicinity. The sanctuary's wolf pack forms the center of attraction when it comes to wooing tourists. It is awe-inspiring to stare into the eyes of one of these incredible creatures and gain an understanding of their natural traits. Tourists can also be amazed by the eccentric coat design of the African wild dogs that prevail here. Authorities also allow visitors to catch a glimpse of the intelligent and cunning Black Backed Jackal. Noah's Park & Wolf Sanctuary is a perfect place to unwind in the presence of breathtaking wildlife.

Le Fournil De Plett

Le Fournil De Plett:  Tourist Places To Visit In The Garden Route
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Le Fournil de Plett is a picturesque cafe and bakery that exudes a typical French style with its setup — situated along the mesmerizing Garden Route. Some of the breakfast delicacies include eggs Benedict with customary Hollandaise sauce, smoked trout on toasted rye, American pancakes, and omelets. Le Fournil de Plett offers splendid bread-based cuisines and excellent coffee, including beef carpaccio, halloumi niçoise salad, vol-au-vent, and croquet-monsieur campagnard. Tourists can be assured of mouth-watering combos, hospitality, exceptional wine and coffee, and a welcoming atmosphere to unwind.

Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary

Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary:  Tourist Places To Visit In The Garden Route
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Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary nurtures big cats such as cheetahs, lions, Bengal tigers, jaguar, leopard, caracal, and pumas. This wildlife reserve offers its animal inhabitants with a vast expanse of enclosed wilderness within which they can freely exercise, run, and play. These enclosures have been customized to suit the needs of different types of big cats, keeping in mind husbandry and enrichment. Tourists can gain some intriguing insights from the forest authorities and also witness these incredible wild animals go about their daily routine from close quarters.

Oysters R Us

Oysters R Us:  Tourist Places To Visit In The Garden Route
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Nestled within the vicinity of the Boven Lange Valley Farm, Oyster R Us offers tourists with a quintessential oyster experience. Situated amidst mesmerizing wilderness, this place provides some of the finest oyster cuisines freshly prepared. The restaurant's oyster tank is capable of storing approximately 4,000 live oysters. Tourists can be at leisure in the hotel's open-air setup, soaking in breathtaking sceneries around the area. It is a refreshing experience to feast on some freshly shucked oysters while reveling in the glory of sunsets at the venue. Visitors can also take home some fresh oysters with them.

Birds of Eden

Birds of Eden:  Tourist Places To Visit In The Garden Route
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Nestled within touching distance of Plettenberg Bay, Birds of Eden is one of the most massive bird enclosures in the world. More than 2,000 bird species freely take flight in the vast expanse that this bird reserve center has on offer. The unusual setup of Birds of Eden includes a two-hectare canopy spanning a ravine studded with flourishing native forests. Some of the magnificent bird species that thrive here include Grey parrot, African grey hornbill, African pied wagtail, African sacred ibis, and African olive pigeon. It is an incredible experience to share space with these birds and watch them in action from close quarters.

Ballots Bay

Ballots Bay:  Tourist Places To Visit In The Garden Route
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Ballots Bay is a tiny coastal locality nestled amidst the lush grasslands of the Garden Route. The village also boasts of a beach with the same name that has been entirely protected from harsh weather by the nearby rocks. The bay is surrounded by jade green hills that provide a mesmerizing natural setup for the region. Ballots Bay forms a secluded fishing village that unwaveringly offers a livelihood for the fishermen that reside in the neighborhood. Some of the exciting features of this area include more than 100 fascinating bird species, dolphin sightings, and colorful fynbos vegetation.

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