Kruger National Park
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Things To Do In Kruger National Park

Planning A Trip To Kruger National Park? Here's our list of top things to do in Kruger National Park

The Kruger National Park accounts for around 352 km of wilderness along the boundaries of South Africa. Some of the thrilling activities that this unique wildlife sanctuary offers include touring the jungles and the park on an elephant's back, catching some tasty fish in the Sand River, and hiking through the interiors of the beautiful wilderness of the park. Tourists who love gliding through the air can either opt to fly atop the park within hot air balloons or explore certain areas from atop a helicopter. Let us read on to know more about these exhilarating things to do while at Kruger National Park.

Jungle Safari on Elephant Back

Jungle Safari on Elephant Back:  Things To Do In Kruger National Park
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It is a mesmerising experience to stroll past the bushes of Kruger National Park on the back of an African elephant. The Kapama Game Reserve comprises around 12 well-trained African elephants, offering serene ventures into the grasslands of Kruger National Park. The backs of these elephants are coated with restful tarpaulin-covered saddles. In addition, an expert elephant trainer is seated in the front, guiding you along the way. From this unique viewpoint, tourists can explore the entire game reserve in peace as the elephant strides through the forest in silence.

Fishing in the freshwater of Sand River

Fishing in the freshwater of Sand River:  Things To Do In Kruger National Park
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The Sand River comprises more than 35 species of fascinating fish. Some of the popular fish that thrive within these waters include Tigerfish, Sharp tooth Catfish, Mudfish, Squeakers, Small Mouth Yellowfish, and Mozambique Tlipia. Tourists can relax atop their boats and indulge in some pleasant fishing activity at Sand River. The Inyati Game Lodge provides tourists with fishing options here when they are taking a break from their safari ventures. The tourists can rest assured about their safety as they are accompanied by an expert tracker at all times.

Partake in walking safaris at Kruger

Partake in walking safaris at Kruger:  Things To Do In Kruger National Park
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Greater Kruger National Park organizes walking safaris for tourists at the Timbavati Nature Reserve. These safaris include walking through the jungle trail for at least two to four hours. Each of these jungle safaris is led by seasoned guides who possess appropriate safety weapons. These walking safaris usually start around 5 AM in the morning, offering tourists with some tea and refreshments before they venture into the forest. This kind of walk through the wilderness allows tourists to get impressive views of the wild animals and the forest vegetation along the way.

Soaring up in Hot Air Balloons

Soaring up in Hot Air Balloons:  Things To Do In Kruger National Park
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The stunning Sabie River Valley acts as the launching pad for hot air balloon flights at Kruger National Park. The organisers at the Hazyview adventure park start offering these breathtaking hot air balloon trips at dawn before the sun can shine in full glory. Once atop these balloons, tourists may either hover above bushes and dense jungles or above colorful fruit gardens and picturesque hills. Depending on the direction in which the breeze blows, the balloon may float over different areas of the park for about an hour. Irrespective of the direction of movement of the balloon, the view from the top is eye-catching.

Fly over Blyde River Canyon in a helicopter

Fly over Blyde River Canyon in a helicopter:  Things To Do In Kruger National Park
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The Lion Sands Private Game Reserve organizes air transport to the Blyde River Canyon on helicopters. This flight offers tourists with a scintillating overview of the geographical wonders that prevail within the Northern Drakensberg region. These flights provide passengers with a sight of the Blydepoort Dam and the Three Rondawels from close range. Making its way out of the Blyde River Canyon, the helicopter flies atop the Lisbon and Berlin Falls, finally landing at an undisturbed picnic site. Tourists can unwind at this spot, relaxing amidst breathtaking scenery.

Try the Olifants River Back Pack Trail

Try the Olifants River Back Pack Trail:  Things To Do In Kruger National Park
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The Olifants River Backpack Trail offers tourists a challenging hiking experience along the 42-km stretch of wilds. These trails are held between the months of April and October, with one trip taking off on Sunday and another trip taking off on Wednesday. The experts guide tourists with packing efforts, ensuring the bags seem light while embarking on the trail. Tourists venture into the jungle once done, exploring the exciting wildlife prospects on display. Tourists can camp anywhere in the wilderness and relish the picturesque landscapes on offer throughout this trail.

Embark on a Wilderness trail at Nyalaland

Embark on a Wilderness trail at Nyalaland:  Things To Do In Kruger National Park
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Nyalaland is an intriguing jungle area of Kruger National Park that covers around 50,000 hectares of wilderness. Tourists can often catch sight of hippos, elephants, and buffaloes on their trip through Nyalaland's wilderness trail. It is a gripping prospect to nap in tents amidst wilderness with the roars of lions and leopards around the jungle. This trail offers tourists a picturesque walk along the edges of Luvuvhu River, with ridges surrounding the area. The Lanner Gorge that lies along the rims of Luvuvhu River only adds further to the beauty of this fascinating wilderness trail.

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