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Sapa Weather And Best Time To Visit Sapa

Planning A Trip To Sapa? Here's a snapshot of Sapa weather and the best time to visit Sapa

Sapa is a hidden gem tucked away in the Northern countryside of Vietnam. It is 350 km northwest of Hanoi. A primarily rural town, the pace of life here is way more laidback as compared to any of the major cities. The weather in Sapa is well-balanced throughout most of the year. The seasons are divided into the Dry Season (October – April) and Monsoon Season (May – September). The best time to visit Sapa is from March to May, when the humidity is low and the temperatures are relatively warm. However, rainfall does occur periodically throughout the year and is much heavier in the Monsoon season.

Dry Season (October – April)

Dry Season (October – April):  Sapa Weather And Best Time To Visit Sapa
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Ideally, the best time to visit Sapa is during this relatively drier period. However, visitors must be aware that rainfall can occur during this season as well. This is primarily owing to Sapa’s geographic location as a northern province. December to February are the coldest months in this season. Additionally, visibility can get foggy and humidity does tend to rise here from time to time as well. For the most part, the temperatures average between 13 to 24° C.

Monsoon Season (May – September)

Monsoon Season (May – September):  Sapa Weather And Best Time To Visit Sapa
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Normally the monsoon season occurs towards the end of April and tends to carry on towards the latter half of September. However, in the last decade there has been severe unpredictability in this weather cycle. In both 2017 and 2018 Sapa recorded all time high levels of rainfall measuring nearly 1000 to 1500 mm high. Visitors are strongly recommended to observe the weather forecast before making a trip here in this period.

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