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Dalat Weather And Best Time To Visit Dalat

Planning A Trip To Dalat? Here's a snapshot of Dalat weather and the best time to visit Dalat

The peaceful, remote and charming town of Dalat continues to attract visitors both local and international owning to its natural beauty and French inspired architecture. The town was historically a summer getaway for the rich and wealthy, but now serves as a picturesque hill-station and cultural hub. The weather in Dalat is primarily divied into two seasons, the dry season which lasts from November to March and the monsoon which traditionally is from April to October. The temperatures are at their maximum in the month of May, rising up as high as 35° C. The most ideal time to visit Dalat is between December and March, as the weather conditions are ideal for outdoor adventure sports and exploring the countryside. 

Dry Season (November - March)

Dry Season (November - March):  Dalat Weather And Best Time To Visit Dalat
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This is ideally the best period to visit Dalat. Being a hill-station the temperatures are at a happy medium of 20 to 30° C. The levels of humidity and rainfall also gradually decrease. The hottest month during the summer tends to be May, where the temperature can rise over 30° C at times during the day. Additionally, the clear skies and high visibility make this a great time to go enjoy the outdoor activities on offer like swimming, hiking and camping. The town is an ideal summer getaway from the sometimes scorching weather. Additionally, this is also the period when the local flower festival occurs, which draws visitors from all over the world. 

Monsoon Season (April - October)

Monsoon Season (April - October):  Dalat Weather And Best Time To Visit Dalat
Photograph by www.vietnam-guide.com

Typically considered the tourist off-season, this period is characterized by periodic showers and low temperatures, with high humidity, especially in November. However, due to the rainfall the natural landscape of Dalat blossoms, making the beauty of this hill-station stand out even more than usual. Being at a higher altitude than most other Vietnamese towns, temperatures during this period can drop down to as low as 10° C. Hence, visitors are strongly recommended to pack long sleeve clothes and monsoon appropriate gear when travelling here. 

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