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Cao Bang Weather And Best Time To Visit Cao Bang

Planning A Trip To Cao Bang? Here's a snapshot of Cao Bang weather and the best time to visit Cao Bang

Cao Bang seems to exist in a world of its own. This rural province found in the north of Vietnam continues to be a hidden gem, full of stunning rock formations and rice paddy fields. Winters can get quite chilly here, but the weather is very well-balanced for majority of the year. The best time to visit Cao Bang is ideally anywhere between October to April. During the monsoon the precipitation can significantly increase which may hamper visitors’ visibility. However, the climate is other cool and breezy. Visitors are recommended to observe the weather conditions prior to travelling to Cao Bang during this season.

Monsoon Season (October – March)

Monsoon Season (October – March):  Cao Bang Weather And Best Time To Visit Cao Bang
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The Monsoon Season in Cao Bang is the dominant season, characterized by heavy winds and showers, increased humidity. April is the windiest month during this period. An increase in rainfall coincides with reduced visibility, which may make it difficult to get outdoors and explore the city well. However, for majority of this period, the wind speeds are slower and more languid.

Dry Season (April - September)

Dry Season (April - September):  Cao Bang Weather And Best Time To Visit Cao Bang
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This is the best and most preferred time for travel to the northern province of Cao Bang. The weather conditions are dry and steamy, with loads of sunshine. Visibility is high and humidity drops down significantly. This makes it an ideal climate for outdoor exploration and nature-based activities. The hottest months are respectively June, July and August.

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