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Ho Chi Minh City Weather And Best Time To Visit Ho Chi Minh City

Planning A Trip To Ho Chi Minh City? Here's a snapshot of Ho Chi Minh City weather and the best time to visit Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City or Saigon is the largest city in Vietnam. Famously called the, "Pearl of the Orient" at one point, the frenetic atmosphere, charming gardens and architecture make for an intriguing experience. The weather conditions in Ho Chi Minh City tend to be relatively stable throughout the year.


The seasons are broadly categorised as Dry (December - April) and Monsoon (May - November). Reduced humidity and rainfall make December - April a recommended time for tourists to explore Ho Chi Minh City. Additionally, this is the festival season, when the Christmas, New Year celebrations (December) as well as the Tet Festival (January - February) kick off in full force, creating a specical energy in the city. From July - November, there is increased downpour and mugginess, with the chance of typhoons also occurring occassionly. However the showers are normally short and light, making it a decent time for budget travellers to explore the city. 

Dry Season (December - April)

Dry Season (December - April):  Ho Chi Minh City Weather And Best Time To Visit Ho Chi Minh City
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Approximately lasting from December to April, this is the recommended time to visit the city. March, April and May are hottest months of the year, where the heat is known to reach a whopping 39°C. However, there is average humidity making the climate bearable. In December, the weather cools, dropping down further to 16°C. As January and February approach, the humidity levels tend to gradually decrease.


Outdoor exploration and activities can be thoroughly enjoyed due to the clear visibility and warm weather. This period also marks a festive season in Vietnam, giving the city a lively energy. The street corners are lit up and are buzzing with tourists and locals. Christmas and New Year celebrations in December as well as the Lunar Year festival in the month of January gives visitors additional reasons to visit. 

Monsoon Season (May - November)

Monsoon Season (May - November):  Ho Chi Minh City Weather And Best Time To Visit Ho Chi Minh City
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Although the dry season is the preferred time to visit, this period enjoys a relatively unique climate as well. Temperatures are at a happy medium of 25 to 33°C. Visitors can enjoy the fleeting moments of sunlight. It is important to note that during the month of November, the city only receives about 4 hours of sunshine, making the daytime feel much shorter. There are moderate showers to drizzles in the course of the day.  The period between May to September is generally considered to be the off-season, with fewer tourists visiting. Hence this is a good time to visit for budget travellers keen on exploring the city. All in all, if visitors are ready to embrace the light showers, there is still a lot to explore and enjoy in Saigon.    

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