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Hanoi Weather And Best Time To Visit Hanoi

Planning A Trip To Hanoi? Here's a snapshot of Hanoi weather and the best time to visit Hanoi

Hanoi is the capital city of Vietnam and enjoys a unique subtropical climate throughout majority of the year. This means that the city enjoys summers characterized by hot days with high humidity alongside large amounts of rainfall. Summers are ideally not the best time to visit Hanoi. The best times to visit are primarily during the Spring and Fall seasons due to the temperature being well-balanced and visibility being high, which in turn makes exploring Hanoi all the more fun and comfortable. Winters can get unusually cold due to the high levels of humidity and strong winds. The increased dangers of Global Warming are resulting in more extreme temperatures in Vietnam and visitors are requested to carry all weather gear when travelling to Hanoi to be on the safe side. 

Spring (February - April)

Spring (February - April):  Hanoi Weather And Best Time To Visit Hanoi
Photograph by hanoikids.org

A cool climate and periodic showers are some of the key characteristics of this season. Post the cold month of January, temperatures in and around Hanoi tend to start rising as we enter the month of February. With an average of 18°C as the standard temperature in February, there tends to be a high degree of humidity as well. However, the period of March - April is one of the best times to explore Hanoi as the average temperatures rise to an ideal medium of 20-24°C, perfect for outdoor exploration of the best tourist spots in Hanoi and all other adventurous activities. 

Summer (May - September)

Summer (May - September):  Hanoi Weather And Best Time To Visit Hanoi
Photograph by hanoikids.org

Summers in Hanoi are characterized by a high average temperature of 32°C, hot and sunny days, a high amount humidity and periodic heavy showers as a result of the heat. July is the hottest month of the year and as a result of the effects of Global Warming, some summers are becoming dryer than normal, whereas others are observing large amounts of torrential rainfall. Hence, visitors during this season must carry umbrellas and raincoats to keep themselves covered. The average summer day in Hanoi means blistering hot days and rain showers in the evening! This is not a recommended time to visit for tourists due to extreme conditions. 

Fall (October - November)

Fall (October - November):  Hanoi Weather And Best Time To Visit Hanoi
Photograph by danangbackpackershostel.co

Arguably the best period to visit Hanoi, the weather is at a happy average of 24°C and skies are relatively clear. There is little or next to no rainfall, making it the best time to venture outside to explore the city of Hanoi, its tourist attractions as well as the neighbouring villages and towns. The are a number of festivals and celebrations during this period and it is the time when most visitors flock here from across the globe to take in the sights and sounds on offer. The food and shopping markets tend to be buzzing with visitors and there is a unique energy to Hanoi during this period. 

Winter (December - January)

Winter (December - January):  Hanoi Weather And Best Time To Visit Hanoi
Photograph by www.vietnamtourism.org.vn

Surprisingly, winters can be quite intense for this brief season. with an average temperature of 17°C, which can drop down to single digits during certain parts of the day. Additionally, this season has strong winds and a high amount of humidity, which makes visitors feel much colder than they ideally should. Dense, dark skies are prominent for most of this season. However, the thrill of the holiday season and new year still tends to draw visitors during this period. Some visitors infact, enjoy the colder climate on offer. 

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