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Can Tho Weather And Best Time To Visit Can Tho

Planning A Trip To Can Tho? Here's a snapshot of Can Tho weather and the best time to visit Can Tho

Due to its geographical location in the southern half of the Mekong River Delta, Can Tho also experiences the same weather conditions. The seasons are primarily divided into the Dry and Monsoon Seasons, but the average temperature during these 2 seasons is virtually identical. The summers are warm with clear skies and high visibility, whereas the monsoons have higher humidity with cloudy skies. The best time to visit Can Tho is usually from January to March in the summer or April to June in monsoon. The well-balanced climate makes it ideal for outdoor activities and exploration. However, in the latter half of the monsoon season there may be higher and heavier rainfall. The stunning tropical climate of Can Tho attracts tourists all year round.

Dry Season (December – April)

Dry Season (December – April):  Can Tho Weather And Best Time To Visit Can Tho
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Arguably the best and most favoured season to visit Can Tho, the weather is characterized by reduced rainfall and humidity, as well as high visibility. The weather averages between 23 to 30° C throughout this period. However, in January the evenings can get quite windy and cold. These weather conditions are ideal for outdoor exploration of the floating markets and surrounding natural beauty of the Mekong Delta. Tourism is at its peak during period with the prices of accommodation and travel options rising up.

Monsoon Season (May – November)

Monsoon Season (May – November):  Can Tho Weather And Best Time To Visit Can Tho
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This season observes high levels of humidity and rainfall along with an average temperature of 24 to 30° C. In the month of July, humidity levels skyrocket, making the surrounding atmosphere extremely sticky and unpleasant. From September to November the rainfall is at its heaviest, with thunderstorms and flooding also a possibility. Visitors are recommended to keep a close eye on the weather conditions when travelling to Can Tho during this period. However, the early half of this season is still considered to be a popular time for visitors.

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