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Tourist Places To Visit In Dalat

Planning A Trip To Dalat? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Dalat

Dalat is one of the younger cities of Vietnam, only established in the latter half of the 1890’s. In the past, the town served as a favourite holiday destination for the rich and famous of Vietnam, owing to its cooler climate and geographic location in the Vietnamese countryside. This made it a great place to escape the heat and fumes of the bustling cities. The town of Dalat offers visitors a unique mix of fascinating tourist places to visit including the French Quarter, Emperor Bao Dai’s Summer Palace and the Buddhist temples. Additionally, natural wonders like the Xuan Huong Lake and the Dalat Flower Gardens are not to be missed. All in all, there is something on offer here for all visitors.

Bao Dai’s Summer Palace

Bao Dai’s Summer Palace:  Tourist Places To Visit In Dalat
Photograph by www.vietnam-guide.com

One of the best places to visit, the Bao Dai Summer Palace is the most exquisite of the late emperor’s 3 palaces. Bao Dai Summer Palace is also home to several valued and immaculate articles from the emperor’s past, as well as statues of the imperial family, most notably one of Bao Dai himself, and an inscribed glass chart of Vietnam. Today, guests can explore all 25 rooms within the palace and learn about the country’s history.

Crazy House (Hang Nga Guest House and Art Gallery)

Crazy House (Hang Nga Guest House and Art Gallery):  Tourist Places To Visit In Dalat
Photograph by www.booking.com

Another one of the most famous places to visit in Dalat is undoubtedly the Hang Nga Guest House created by the acclaimed Vietnamese architect Dang Viet Nga back in 1990, following her training in Moscow. This psychedelic structure is full of quirky passageways and stepladders, incorporating a variety of animals like bears and kangaroos. There are nearly 12 different rooms here including a guest house and local art gallery. This is a dream for design enthusiasts.

Dalat Flower Gardens

Dalat Flower Gardens:  Tourist Places To Visit In Dalat
Photograph by dalatdaytours.co

Flowers and Dalat have become so synonymous with one another. The ideal weather conditions and geographic location of Dalat means that hundreds of diverse varieties of flowers blossom in this town throughout the year. Most of these are on display in the stunning Dalat Flower Gardens, one of the best places to check out for visitors. These curated gardens were established in 1966 and continue to draw nature enthusiasts and visitors from all over the world.

Xuan Huong Lake

Xuan Huong Lake:  Tourist Places To Visit In Dalat
Photograph by www.alotrip.com

Xuan Huong Lake is an artificial water body that is one of the star tourist attractions in Dalat. It is bound by lavish parks that are full of florae and native flowers. Visitors can spend the day strolling around this gorgeous space, taking in the sights and sounds of the area. Additionally, there are also charming little cafes by the lakeside where young couples and families gather to spend the day. There are also boat-rides available around the lake area and horses for little children. This is one place not to be missed.

Dalat Train Station

Dalat Train Station:  Tourist Places To Visit In Dalat
Photograph by dalathappytours.com

Built in 1943, Dalat Railway Station may be small in size, but is a piece of history that can’t be ignored. The French-designed station is from the colonial era and still houses a steam-engine train where visitors can hop on to travel 5 km to explore the neighbouring village of Trai Mat. The train is operational only 5 times a day and necessitates only 4 passengers to work efficiently. This is a unique place to visit.

French Quarter

French Quarter:  Tourist Places To Visit In Dalat
Photograph by www.justgola.com

The largely untouched French Quarter in Dalat is still frequented by tourists to this day. There is an extended boulevard of villas here constructed between 1800 and 1920. Additionally, there are two extremely popular Art Nouveau guesthouses here for visitors to live in. This area gives visitors a deeper look and understanding of the French influence on the country as well the historical relevance of the years of colonization. It is highly recommended for history buffs and design enthusiasts alike.

Elephant Falls

Elephant Falls:  Tourist Places To Visit In Dalat
Photograph by http://www.vietnam-guide.com

The Elephant Falls, locally known as That Voi is so called due to the giant elephant-shaped rock in the centre of the waterfall. This natural wonder is one of the best places to visit and is situated about 30 km from the heart of Dalat. Visitors can take one of the frequent busses available to the falls and soak in the surrounding natural beauty. This is an ideal place for nature enthusiasts.

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