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Tourist Places To Visit In Danang

Planning A Trip To Danang? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Danang

Da Nang is admired for its unique Buddhist pagodas and surrounding marketplaces. Now the third largest Vietnamese city, at one time it was a stronghold for the French colonial rulers. Additionally, it was one of the first spots where the American and Vietnamese troops fought during the war. Today Danang is a thriving tourist hotspot and home to some of the best places to visit in the country. Its location is ideal, situated between the coast and the countryside. Aside from the beaches and lookout points there is also a spectacular skyline and architectural marvels like the Dragon Bridge for visitors to checkout.

My Khe Beach

My Khe Beach:  Tourist Places To Visit In Danang
Photograph by www.vietravel.com

Situated only 7 km outisde of the city of Danang, My Khe Beach is one of the best and most popular tourist spots to visit. The lengthy shoreline and blue skies make it an ideal spot for surfers who frequent these shores, especially during the period between September and December when the waves are at their peak. Additionally, there are numerous cafes and shacks on the coastline serving delicious seafood and local cuisine. This place is perfect for families and young couples looking to soak up some sun. 

Lang Ko Beach

Lang Ko Beach:  Tourist Places To Visit In Danang
Photograph by vietnamtravelinformation.ne

Not as famous as some of the other beaches, Lang Ko Beach forms part of the central coast of Vietnam. The beach can be found on the drive to Hoi An from Danang. Visitors tend to stop by to explore the crisp white sand beaches and enjoy the remoteness of this beach as compared to more commercial ones like My Khe. The serenity and exclusivity of this beach makes it one of the most relaxing places to visit.


Hoi An

Hoi An:  Tourist Places To Visit In Danang
Photograph by www.itourvn.com

Hoi An has been a focal trading zone as far back as the 15th century. The intriguing mix of French and Vietnamese culture gives this ancient town a truly unique vibe. Boutique hotels, bars and restaurants and tailor shops can be found scattered all over. Additionally, there are a number of intricate Buddhist shrines and pagodas scattered over the town periodically. This mixture of old and new makes it one of the best places to visit.

Marble Mountains

Marble Mountains:  Tourist Places To Visit In Danang
Photograph by www.vietnam-guide.com

To the south of Danang are the fabled 5 peaks of the Marble Mountains named after the five elements in Vietnamese. 9 km away from Danang, these mountains are full of spectacular pagodas, temples and caverns that draw thousands of tourists around the world. The summit offers visitors incredible panoramic views of the surrounding natural landscape. These mountains are another natural wonder of Vietnam and one of the best places to visit.


Son Tra

Son Tra:  Tourist Places To Visit In Danang
Photograph by www.vietnam-guide.com

Located 693 meters above sea-level, the Son Tra National Park or Monkey Mountain as it is locally known is a welcome escape for visitors looking to get away from the chaos of the city. The winding pathways and surrounding beaches make this a visually stunning destination. The peninsula is also home to the fabled Linh Unh Pagoda and some rare species of macaques and langurs.

Dragon Bridge

Dragon Bridge:  Tourist Places To Visit In Danang
Photograph by futureofconstruction.org

At one time known as the Tinh Hoi Pagoda, this is one of the best places to visit in Danang and is an accurate representation of the influence of Buddhism in Vietnam. Situated in the heart of the city, it historically served as an integral part for communication between the Vietnamese and colonial rulers. There are a number of restaurants and cafes by the riverside where the bridge is located. Post sunset the bridge is lit up with LED lighting, making it a true spectacle to behold.


Pham Lam Pagoda

Pham Lam Pagoda:  Tourist Places To Visit In Danang
Photograph by www.vietnam-guide.com

A hidden gem of a tourist spot, the Pham Lam Pagoda is bang in the heart of Danang city. However the atmosphere inside the pagoda complex is one of peace and serenity. Locals can be observed in deep meditation and prayer. The temple tends to get quite hectic during the festival season, especially the Tet and Lunar Festivals. It is also an ideal place to enjoy some delicious vegetarian cuisine with a number of food stalls and restaurants in the surrounding area. 

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