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How To Reach Sapa

Planning A Trip To Sapa? Here are some guidelines on how to reach Sapa

Still considered to be a remote destination, Sapa continues to flourish as a tourist destination for this very reason. The gorgeous countryside is dotted with charming villages and ethnic tribes that are increasingly rare to find in the country. It gives visitors a welcome change from the energy of the big cities. Sapa is still a bit difficult to get to. International visitors will be required to first fly out to Hanoi nearby. The best ways to reach Sapa are either by taking an overnight bus from Noi Bai Airport in Hanoi or alternatively an overnight train to Lao Cai Railway Station and then taking a shuttle bus to Sapa. There is no local airport in Sapa.

By Air

By Air:  How To Reach Sapa
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Having no local airport of its own, visitors will be required to fly out to Noi Bai Airport in Hanoi and then take a bus or train to get to Sapa. This is the most efficient way for international visitors to get to their destination. Indian passengers can apply for a visa on arrival. Bangkok Airways and Air India both fly to Hanoi.

By Road

By Road:  How To Reach Sapa
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The journey via bus is long but scenic and budget friendly. With no airport of its own, one of the best ways to reach is by catching a sleeper bus from either Hanoi or Lao Lai close by. The journey takes about 10 to 11 hours to reach and can get quite bumpy along the way. Visitors are requested to book their tickets in advance to avoid missing out as demand can get quite high during tourist season.

By Rail

By Rail:  How To Reach Sapa
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The best and most efficient way to reach Sapa is via train. The closest station to Sapa is Lao Cai Railway Station. From the station visitors will have to catch a shuttle bus to get to Sapa. The journey by train can take up to 8 hours. Catching an overnight sleeper train is again recommended for most visitors. Similar to the busses, train ticket prices will fluctuate based on the period of the year that visitors travel there.

Getting Around

Getting Around:  How To Reach Sapa
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Sapa is best explored on foot. The remote town’s key tourist sites are also relatively close by. Alternatively visitors can opt to hire out cycles or motorbikes to get from one point to another here.

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