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Things To Do In Sapa

Planning A Trip To Sapa? Here's our list of top things to do in Sapa

A remote but charming town, nearly 350 km northwest of Hanoi, Sapa offers some of the most stunning natural landscapes in Vietnam. The highest mountain peak in Vietnam, Fan Si Pan is also located here in the Hoang Lien National Park. Visitors are additionally drawn to a wide variety of nature-based activities on offer here like trekking, camping and nature trails that continue to be awe-inspiring. Exploring both the national park and Fan Si Pan are some of the best things to do here in Sapa. Majority of Sapa is scattered with tiny villages that are still inhabited by around 5 ethnic tribes. There is something on offer here for every visitor.

Visit The Sapa Museum

Visit The Sapa Museum:  Things To Do In Sapa
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With majority of the best activities in Sapa being based outdoors, a trip to the Sapa Museum is one of the few indoor activities that continue to be popular with visitors. The museum does a great job providing vital information about the ethnic minorities and local tribes of Northern Vietnam all the way from the French Colonization, through the major wars, up to the present moment. It is a fascinating place to visit for historians.

Check Out Hoang Lien National Park

Check Out Hoang Lien National Park:  Things To Do In Sapa
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This park continues to be one of the highlights of visiting Sapa. Exploring the exceptionally rich and diverse flora and fauna here is one of the best things to do, especially for nature lovers. The picturesque landscape consists of the Fan Si Pan Mountain and forestland which is home to a wide variety of wildflowers, Rhododendron and century old Oak trees. The park is also an ASEAN Heritage Park.

Fan Si Pan Mountain

Fan Si Pan Mountain:  Things To Do In Sapa
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Nearly 3143 meters above sea-level, this stunning mountain is nearly 9 km outside of Sapa. Reaching the summit can take up to nearly a week. However, if visitors are determined and are with experienced mountaineers then this is one of the most rewarding things to do. On reaching the mountain top visitors can get stunning views of the Hoang Lien National Park.

Go Hiking

Go Hiking:  Things To Do In Sapa
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Being a gorgeous hill-station, it is natural that one of the best things to do here is to go out hiking. With a number of stunning trails, eco parks, forestland and rivers located in the countryside, the landscape is ideal for outdoor exploration. Additionally, the cool climate of the hills make Sapa an escape from the commotion of city life.  

Buying Local Handicrafts

Buying Local Handicrafts:  Things To Do In Sapa
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Local tribes like the Dao, Yay, H’mong and the Phu La all are famous for their handicrafts that range everywhere from clothing items to little trinkets and everything in between. Visitors are recommended to explore the culture and history of these tribes and can end up acquiring a souvenir or two from any of the local markets set up in the villages scattered around Sapa.

Visit Café In The Clouds

Visit Café In The Clouds:  Things To Do In Sapa
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This stunning café is located at an elevation and offers visitors a great opportunity to take in the stunning views of the surrounding mountains and forestland. Additionally, it offers some of the finest locally brewed coffee. It is an ideal way for young couples and families to unwind and soak in the natural beauty of Sapa.

Trek To The Waterfalls

Trek To The Waterfalls:  Things To Do In Sapa
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Both the Silver and Love Waterfalls are located a short distance from one another. The trek routes to these waterfalls are extremely scenic and peaceful. There are alternative cycle and biking paths that are also very popular. Climbing to the top of the waterfall is only recommended if the weather holds up as the rocky steps can get quite slippery. However, on reaching the top the views are very scenic. 

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