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Joshimath Weather And Best Time To Visit Joshimath

Planning A Trip To Joshimath? Here's a snapshot of Joshimath weather and the best time to visit Joshimath

A quaint little town, Joshimath holds significant religious importance in the Hindu religion and is frequented through the year by devotees and pilgrims alike. Anywhere between April to November is recommended as a good time to visit Joshimath. This town tends to receive bitterly cold snowfall during December and January. The monsoon season is when Joshimath will be susceptible to heavy rainfall and landslides. Visitors are requested to proceed with caution during these two seasons. Summer is ideal for outdoor activities like camping, trekking and exploring the surrounding temples. To learn more about the weather in Joshimath, read on.

Summer (April – June)

Summer (April – June):  Joshimath Weather And Best Time To Visit Joshimath
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This is hands down the best period to visit Joshimath. Owing to the balanced climate throughout the year, most visitors from neighbouring cities tend to flock here to enjoy the cool climate. All outdoor activites like camping, trekking, paragliding and river rafting are possible and the natural beauty of this town can truly be enjoyed during this period. The weather is between 33 to 12°C. This is also the period when the Mahashivratri Festival is celebrated, which is exciting for curious visitors to explore. 

Monsoon (July – September)

Monsoon (July – September):  Joshimath Weather And Best Time To Visit Joshimath
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The monsoon season sees Joshimath witness medium to heavy rainfall. The natural beauty of the surrounding area is in full bloom during this period. The vegetation becomes lush and trekking can be a mesmerizing activity. However, Joshimath is subjected to cloud bursts and flooding, which is why most of the outdoor activities are put on hold during this period. Visitors are highly recommended to travel here during this period after checking whether the weather conditions are stable. 

Winter (December – February)

Winter (December – February):  Joshimath Weather And Best Time To Visit Joshimath
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This is another exciting time for visitors to flock here. The town of Joshimath tends to receive heavy rainfall during the months of December and Januray. Hence, visitors are advised to dress appropriately during this season. Outdoor treks during this season offer stunning views of the snow-capped Himalayas and surrounding valley. Warming up in the surrounding hot springs is also an enjoyable activity. Temperatures can drop as low as sub-zero levels. This period along with the summer are the best times to visit Joshimath. 

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