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Kanatal Weather And Best Time To Visit Kanatal

Planning A Trip To Kanatal? Here's a snapshot of Kanatal weather and the best time to visit Kanatal

Kanatal is a quaint village in Uttarakhand. It may not be a popular hill-station but has its own idyllic charm. Kanatal enjoys a pleasant weather throughout the year, but is best visited in the summer and winter seasons. In the winter season, the Dussehra Festival is noramlly celebrated and visitors flock here to immerse themselves in the holy prayer ceremonies and celebrations. All outdoor activities like camping and trekking are highly recommended during the summer. The monsoon season can be dangerous for travel due to the extreme and uncertain weather conditions. To discover the ideal time for a trip to Kanatal, check out the rest of this article. 

Summer (April - June)

Summer (April - June):  Kanatal Weather And Best Time To Visit Kanatal
Photograph by traveltriangle.com

As with most places in Uttarakhand, the summer season in Kanatal is the best time to visit. With temperatures ranging anywhere between 25 to 38°C, the visibility in this season is high with a cool breeze being experienced in the evenings. This is a perfect summer getaway as it still enjoys a relatively cooler climate even in the hottest part of the year. All outdoor activites like trekking, camping and exploring can be enjoyed during this season.

Monsoon (July - September)

Monsoon (July - September):  Kanatal Weather And Best Time To Visit Kanatal
Photograph by www.indiatoday.in

During this brief, two-month period, visitors are advised to avoid travelling to Kanatal. Being a remote location at an elevated height it tends to receive an incessant amount of rainfall that results in flooding, cloud burst, poor visibility and strong winds. The entire village becomes inaccessible and could be life threatening if visitors are not careful. Although the surrounding vegetation becomes lush this time of the year, the risk outweights the reward of travelling to Kanatal in the monsoon. 

Winter (October - March)

Winter (October - March):  Kanatal Weather And Best Time To Visit Kanatal
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Winter is another one of the best times to explore and enjoy Kanatal. With temperatures dropping to as low as 1 to 15°C, the entire village gets covered in a blanket of snow. This time presents a unique opportunity for camping and winter treks, offering jaw-dropping viwes of the Garhwal Himalayas surrounding the valley. This is also the season when the beloved Dussehra Festival is celebrated, which brings a special energy and peaceful vibe to this quaint town as thousands flock here from across the country to partake in the rituals and celebrations. 

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