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Ranikhet Weather And Best Time To Visit Ranikhet

Planning A Trip To Ranikhet? Here's a snapshot of Ranikhet weather and the best time to visit Ranikhet

Ranikhet is a little hill-station in Uttarakhand, known for its scenic views of the Himalayas. The period between the months of March to July is usually the best time to visit Ranikhet, just prior to the onset of the monsoon season. Winters are actually pleasant and enjoyable and make for a period when most visitors flock to Ranikhet. Read below to find out how the weather and its changing through the seasons affect your holiday prospects in Ranikhet.

Winter (September – February)

Winter (September – February):  Ranikhet Weather And Best Time To Visit Ranikhet
Photograph by phototravelings.blogspot.com

Ranikhet can get very cold in the winter season, with temperatures ranging as low as -3°C and not going higher than 15°C. However, the weather remains pleasant for majority of the time and this is the season when tourist inflow is at its peak. The landscape presents opportunities for trekking and winter sports like skiing, rock climbing etc. The early winter months are some of the best times to experience the natural beauty of Ranikhet.

Monsoon (July – August)

Monsoon (July – August):  Ranikhet Weather And Best Time To Visit Ranikhet
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The monsoon season in Ranikhet observes excessive rainfall as the season progresses. Other than the early weeks of July, it is advised to not venture to this otherwise lovely hill station. Landslides and flooding is a possibility, removing any chance of outdoor picnics and activities. The region starts experiencing thunder storms and heavy showers throughout these months. The temperature stays between 22 to 29°C.

Summer (March – June)

Summer (March – June):  Ranikhet Weather And Best Time To Visit Ranikhet
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This is by far the best time to visit Ranikhet. The temperature averages at a pleasant 10 to 27°C. This is the ideal time for sightseeing, trekking, and picnics for tourists and families of all ages. The flowers in the area are in full bloom and the Himalayas nestled in the background make for a magical setup. The Sunset Point in the area is also famous for its gorgeous panoramic views. However, the area also does tend to get crowded during these months.

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