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Bhimtal Weather And Best Time To Visit Bhimtal

Planning A Trip To Bhimtal? Here's a snapshot of Bhimtal weather and the best time to visit Bhimtal

The weather in Bhimtal is well-balanced and enjoyable year round. The summer season sees a mixture of warmth and a cool breeze post sunset. However, the ideal periods to really enjoy the town of Bhimtal are from March – June and September – December. The weather is just right for indulging in outdoor and adventurous activities. Winters are chilly, but temperatures only drop to potentially sub-zero levels in December. The Bhimtal Lake and surrounding mountain peaks become frigid. In the Monsoon, the surrounding vegetation becomes lush, but the excessive rainfall may make it difficult to enjoy outdoor activities. Read more to find out about the best time to visit Bhimtal.

Summer (March – June)

Summer (March – June):  Bhimtal Weather And Best Time To Visit Bhimtal
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This is definitely the best time to visit Bhimtal. The weather is perfect for all adventure sports and outdoor activities like kayaking, hiking, camping, rappelling etc. Fishing is also highly recommended during this season. The temperature is at an ideal average of 10 to 27°C. Visitors can enjoy blue skies and get a clear view of the picturesque mountains in the background. This is truly the season for visitors to make the most of their trip to Bhimtal.

Winter (September – February)

Winter (September – February):  Bhimtal Weather And Best Time To Visit Bhimtal
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Wintertime in Bhimtal continues from September to the start of February, with an average temperature of -3 to 15°C. The climate in Bhimtal is relatively enjoyable from September to December with the mountain tops looking spectacular, in addition to the cool blue Bhimtal Lake being ideal for fishing in this season. However, the period from December to February sees Bhimtal experience a sub-zero climate. This is the part of the year where outdoor activities are closed and it is not recommended to visit during these months.  

Monsoon (July – August)

Monsoon (July – August):  Bhimtal Weather And Best Time To Visit Bhimtal
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This season starts from July and continues into mid-September. This is when the entire hill station experiences excessive rainfall. The weather is a combination of being enjoyable, quite windy and with sporadic showers. The surrounding vegetation becomes extremely lush during the course of monsoon, creating a magical environment. But heavy showers might reduce the appeal of outdoor activities. Hence, caution is advised when travelling here during this season.

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