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Nainital Weather And Best Time To Visit Nainital

Planning A Trip To Nainital? Here's a snapshot of Nainital weather and the best time to visit Nainital

Nainital, the town that grew around the beautiful eye-shaped lake, experiences a subtropical highland climate like most high altitude Himalayan towns. This means that Nainital is blessed with a cool summer compared to most other places in the country and a dry cold winter with chances of snow. Like the majority of the country, Nainital is also graced by the appearance of the monsoon winds and experiences showers during this time.


Because the town has such terrific weather conditions, Nainital has a steady influx of tourists throughout the year. Here is all you need to know about the best time to visit Nainital to plan your perfect holiday.

The Colorful Summer (Mid-March to June)

The Colorful Summer (Mid-March to June):  Nainital Weather And Best Time To Visit Nainital
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As the winter fades away by Mid-March Nainital experiences a return of wildflowers and bright blue skies. The temperatures during the summer months vary from 16 to 23 degrees Celsius until it starts dropping again by July. The pleasant climate here during these months is a tempting alternative to the plains of India. This coupled with the end-of-academic year holidays makes summer the most popular season here. It would be wise to book your hotel rooms and tickets early on as hotels here are almost always completely booked during the summer.

The Romantic Monsoon (July to September)

The Romantic Monsoon (July to September):  Nainital Weather And Best Time To Visit Nainital
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By Mid-June Nainital begins to see showers that last for prolonged periods as we move further into the calendar, until it slowly dies out by the end of September. The temperature is rather cool during the season and the mountains are covered by mist that usually clears during the day. These months may not be the best for sight-seeing but it is a great time to visit Nainital if you want to experience and explore the food, culture, and history of the place at your own pace. It is a great time to interact with the locals as they are not overwhelmed by tourists and you can plan long stays during these months because hotels offer off-season discounts.

The Chilly Winters (October to February)

The Chilly Winters (October to February):  Nainital Weather And Best Time To Visit Nainital
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This is probably the most awaited season of all. While temperatures drop in winter, it doesn’t get so cold that you will need more than two layers of clothing; besides, this is your chance to experience the snow. The winter months slowly creep in by the beginning of October and go all the way up to February. By mid-December the temperature drops down to less than 5 degree Celsius and precipitation during this time can turn into snow. Tourists are often seen taking the Ropeway to the Snow view to catch a glimpse of the snow-capped Himalayan peaks. It is also a great time to trek as you won’t tire easily and walking will keep you warm.


While the temperatures throughout the year remain hospitable each season has a special experience it is waiting to share with you and you won’t be disappointed by whatever your choice might be.

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