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Things To Do In Nainital

Planning A Trip To Nainital? Here's our list of top things to do in Nainital

A picturesque lake, beautiful green hills, comfortable accommodation, and a magnificent atmosphere makes Nainital a must visit destination in Northern India. Located in the Kumaon region of Uttranchal, Nainital is a very popular hill station visited by flocks of tourists every year. It is also a very popular honeymoon destination in India.  The Naini Lake is an eye shaped lake that extends to about 2 miles in circumference. Nainital is a paradise for nature lovers, offering activities like yachting, boating, etc.  Here are a few things you must do on your trip to Nainital.

Enjoy Boating

Enjoy Boating:  Things To Do In Nainital
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The most popular attraction at Nainital is the lake. Boating is a simple and fun way to relax amidst the surrounding hills. The boats are available for 30 minutes to an hour from March to June and will cost you around INR 120-150. Later you can halt at well-known eateries like Sonam’s or the Boat House Club to savour the delicious momos.

Shop At The Tibetan Market

Shop At The Tibetan Market:  Things To Do In Nainital
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The Tibetan market offers wonderful souvenirs, including artifacts made by the locals. The market is bustling with tourists looking to make a bargain deal on Tibetan bags, ethnic dresses, woolen mufflers, accessories, scarves and stoles, intricate shawls and other such alluring items. 

Catch The View From Tiffin Top

Catch The View From Tiffin Top:  Things To Do In Nainital
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Of the numerous things that you can do in Nainital, enjoying the sunrise from Tiffin Top is a favourite of all tourists. The Himalayan range gives you a panoramic view which will remain in your memory forever. The Tiffin Top is about 4 kilometers from Nainital and makes for a good trek. A Horse Ride is also a great way to climb all the way up for those who are not up for the labour but want to enjoy the view.

Enjoy The Ropeway

Enjoy The Ropeway:  Things To Do In Nainital
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There is a magnificent ropeway in Nainital that takes you to the peaks near Nainital. The best part of the ropeway ride is that you get to enjoy a bird’s eye view of the hill station. The high rise view can give you a nerve-wracking thrill and is one of the coveted tourist activities here. It runs from Mallital to Snow View with the cable car passing through hills and over beautiful lake sceneries.

Visit Pangot and Kilbury Bird Sanctuary

Visit Pangot and Kilbury Bird Sanctuary:  Things To Do In Nainital
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Visit the Pangot and Kilbury Bird Sanctuary to catch a glimpse of some rare animal and birds of India. Kilbury is covered with thick green jungles of Oak and Pine trees and is a haven for hikers. Bird-watchers and photographers can have a field day here with up close and personal with nature. You could also plan an overnight camping experience in the forest since it's still one of the unexplored locales of Uttarakhand.

Savour The Delicacies At Sonam’s

Savour The Delicacies At Sonam’s:  Things To Do In Nainital
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The momos, thukpa and chow mein at Sonam’s is something that you should not miss while you are in Nainital. It is the busiest and the most popular cheap-eat here. Located in a narrow alley next to the market compound, you might have to wait to get hold of some stools but the wait if worthwhile. The flavourful and aromatic preparations are mouth-watering indeed.

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