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Things To Do In Lansdowne

Planning A Trip To Lansdowne? Here's our list of top things to do in Lansdowne

Settled at a height of approximately 1700 m, amid dense oak and pine woodlands, Lansdowne is an old-fashioned yet picturesque hill-station in the Pauri region of Uttarakhand that is brimming with unique attractions. Each of these includes captivating activities and must-try experiences. Unspoiled, untouched and blessed with jaw-dropping natural splendour, it truly is one of India’s hidden gems. From camping out and hiking, to relaxed strolls and meditation – there is a diverse assortment of indoor and especially outdoor experiences to cater to every visitor’s needs.  


Here's our list of how to make the most of your visit, with the top things to do in Lansdowne.

Go Camping

Go Camping:  Things To Do In Lansdowne
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Camping is one of the premier activities in Lansdowne. Most visitors tend to skip hotels and the conventional vacation mind-set, opting for pitching tents and camping outdoors. The plush parklands are ideal for fixing your campsite, setting up a cosy bonfire, and feasting outdoors. March to June in the summertime and September to November in fall are the premium times to enjoy the joys of camping.

Boat ride around Bhulla Lake

Boat ride around Bhulla Lake:  Things To Do In Lansdowne
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A tourist favourite in Lansdowne, Bhulla Lake is a tiny, serene artificial lake preserved by the Indian army. It was established in memory of the younger Garhwal Rifles of the Indian Army who were martyred in service of our nation. Boat tours around the lake are recommended, with visitors certain to sport a variety of birds to keep them company as well as rabbits springing about. Additionally, an amusement park for kids next door, and a café to enjoy snacks and sunset tea/coffee make it a hotspot for visitors.


Summers (March-June) and autumn (September-November) are ideal to enjoy the lake tours. Open daily, admission fees are applicable.

Trek to Snow Viewpoint and Hawaghar

Trek to Snow Viewpoint and Hawaghar:  Things To Do In Lansdowne
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Lansdowne is the perfect place to let the adventurer in you shine. Owing to its gorgeous geographic setting, numerous treks are initiated from Lansdowne into the dense surrounding forests. Walking trails range from a few hours to rougher ascents that can take a few days. The well-known destinations here are to the Snow Viewpoint and Hawaghar. The scenery from these two spots in particular are heavenly. Snow-capped mountains, clear skies and clean air make for an unforgettable experience.


Apart from the wintertime and rainy season, Lansdowne is suitable for trekking year round. Nevertheless, it’s advisable to access resident hiking companies before heading out.

Hike to Tip n Top Viewpoint for a stunning sundown

Hike to Tip n Top Viewpoint for a stunning sundown:  Things To Do In Lansdowne
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Spotless and tranquil, located on an elevated area near St. Mary’s Church, this is another charming site. Call it a starry-eyed abode for lovebirds, a sanctuary for naturalists or picnic paradise for children – Tip n Top has what it takes to be labelled the perfect hang-out spot. Visitors can trek up and relish the panoramic sight of the neighbouring Shivalik Hills and snow-capped Himalayas, a photographer’s delight.

Kalagarh Tiger Reserve

Kalagarh Tiger Reserve:  Things To Do In Lansdowne
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One of the more noteworthy tiger reserves in India, it covers over 300 km, joining the north area of the celebrated Jim Corbett Park. Visitors can feel the rare essence of wildlife while exploring the sanctuary. Aside from tigers, deer, goral, sambhar, porcupines can all be found hiding away. It is a truly thrilling activity, best experienced from October to March as it is shut to the public in the summertime.

Bird watching

Bird watching:  Things To Do In Lansdowne
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Apart from the crystal clear blue skies and towering pine and fir trees, Lansdowne also entices an extensive assortment of nomadic birds like the Northern shoveler, Ruddy Shelduck, Northern pintail and Red-crested pochard, amongst others. Flocking from across the world, this is a must-see for all visitors. Just remember to be handy with your cameras! Spring months like September and October are recommended for this activity.

Energizing Nature walks

Energizing Nature walks:  Things To Do In Lansdowne
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The key attraction for visitors to Lansdowne is ultimately to be one with nature, as they endeavour through woodlands, full of towering blue pine and firs. Lap up the cool climate, rich variety of animals and insects and the uniqueness of nature in all its glory. Walking might not be the most exhilarating activity for all visitors, but for the majority, it’s one of utmost serenity and rejuvenation. Dawn and dusk throughout midsummers and fall are favourable for nature walks.

Relish the local cooking

Relish the local cooking:  Things To Do In Lansdowne
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Travelling to Lansdowne and avoiding the native Garhwali cooking is just as dull as refusing to venture outside. Visitors are spoilt for choice with a selection of traditional treats. Just wander into any local eatery and indulge in some Kafuli, Kulath ki dal and Aloo ke gutke, to name a few. Additionally, sweet dishes like Gulgula and Arsa are sure to make your taste buds tingle.

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