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Munsiyari Tourism And Travel Guide

Planning A Trip To Munsiyari? Here's a detailed Munsiyari tourism and travel guide to help you plan a memorable holiday
Current Temperature:
15.1° C / 59.1° F
Current Conditions:
Broken Clouds
Best Months To Visit:
March to June
Recommended Duration:
2 to 4 Days
Nearest Airport:
Pantnagar Airport (250 kms)
Nearest Railway Station:
Kathgodam (275 kms)

Munsiyari is a charming little town in Uttarakhand's Pithoragarh district. This hill-station enjoys stunning views of the surrounding Himalayan Mountain Ranges and is home to some of the most rare and diverse flora and fauna. It is famed for its incredible trekking trails and natural landscapes that make it a trekker's paradise.


Tourism in Munsiyari is normally booming duirng the summer and winter months. During the monsoon, the town becomes inaccessible due to extreme weather conditions. The town is equally well-connected by road, rail or air. However, the best and most scenic way to reach is via road. Apart from the outdoor activities, the shopping and food scene is also thoroughly enjoyable. Looking for a travel guide to Munsiyari? This is it.

How to Reach

How to Reach:  Munsiyari Tourism And Travel Guide
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By Air:

Having no domestic airport of its own, the closest airport is Pantnagar Airport (250 km away). There are several car and bus options to take visitors to Munsiyari from here.  


By Road:

This is the best way to reach Munsiyari due to well-connected network of roadways connecting it majority of the significant cities in and around Uttarakhand


By Rail:

Kathgodam and Tanakpur enjoy the closest connectivity to Munsiyari. Both stations have a decent train frequency and multiple transportation options to get visitors to their destination. 

Weather and Best Time to Visit

Weather and Best Time to Visit:  Munsiyari Tourism And Travel Guide
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Summer (March - May):

This is the best time to visit due to the clear skies, high visibility and warm weather. All outdoor activities can be enjoyed during this season. Tourists flock here in large numbers in the summer as it is the perfect weekend getaway. 


Winter (October - February):

The weather tends to drop down to sub-zero levels during this season but the snow covered hills offer visitors the chance for unique treks and activities like skiing. 


Monsoon (June - September):

The surrounding natural landscape turns lush during this season. However, the unpredictable weather means that there is a chance of floods, cloud burst and landsldies occurring. It is not recommended to visit Munsiyari during this season. 

Things to Do

Things to Do:  Munsiyari Tourism And Travel Guide
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Often called a "Trekker's Paradise" this is the most popular activity in Munsiyari, especially in the summer and winter months. The weather is ideal pretty much throughout the year and visitors can enjoy stunning views of the surrounding natural beauty.



The hills of Munsiyari are filled with visitors throughout the winter season. This activity is one of the most exciting and popular things to do in Munsiyari. 



The sheer number and diversity of birds on offer in Munsiyari is incredible. Naturalists and adventurers flock here in the summer to observe and study rare birds like the wagtail, falcon and rave, to name a few. 


Nature Walks:

Home to some of the rarest and most spectacular plants and animals, visitors tend to flock here to observe and enjoy the unique species on offer. Nature walk is just one of the most popular outdoor activites to enjoy that.  


Food:  Munsiyari Tourism And Travel Guide
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There are a number of delightful homestays, local restaurants and hotels serving up delicious traditional Kumaoni cuisine here. The food here is full of earthy spices and is lip-smackingly good. Most of the popular eating spots overlook the surrounding Himalayan Mountain Ranges and only enhance the meal experience. Bilju Restaurant, Apna Bhojnalaya and Priya Restaurant are just some of the most popular places to check out for a memorable meal. 


Shopping:  Munsiyari Tourism And Travel Guide
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Although shopping is limited, the main market in Munsiyari is home to some of the most exquisite shawls, hats and carpets. All the products are hand-crafted and are of the highest quality, with intricate designs. In addition, there is a wide variety of local, organic produce on offer that attracts visitors. 

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