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Things To Do In Almora

Planning A Trip To Almora? Here's our list of top things to do in Almora

Almora is a spectacular village, hidden in the Kumaon Himalayas in Uttarakhand. It served as a cantonment area way back during the days of the British Raj. It has since been reclaimed and remains a picturesque hamlet, where tourists flock in search of some rest and relaxation. The village is known for it’s rich cultural heritage and has managed to maintain its old world charm. It is booming with visitors from March to June in the summertime. Here is our pick of the top things to do in Almora.

Trek to Zero Point

Trek to Zero Point:  Things To Do In Almora
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A 1.5 km hike to Zero Point is the ideal way to embrace and enjoy the natural diversity of Binsar Wildlife Reserve and is hands down one of the must-do activities when in Almora. The point offers an incredible view as far as 300 km, where visitors can clearly see all the major Himalayan peaks. Visitors can carry binoculars to fully enjoy this moment. This magical spot is not to be missed.

Get a glimpse of Lakhudiyar Cave

Get a glimpse of Lakhudiyar Cave:  Things To Do In Almora
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This is a rare archeological gem in India. It gives us a glimpse into the past and helps us observe what the Stone Age era was like hundreds of years ago. For those who are fascinated by history or are just plain curious, the caves have hand drawn symbols of cavemen, attempting to depict their daily routines.

Shop at Thana Bazaar

Shop at Thana Bazaar:  Things To Do In Almora
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Thana or Almora Bazaar can be found in the most central part of the city. It is split up into 4 different parts, each offering a unique outlook on the local culture. Skilled craftsmen can be found in the marketplace creating some exquisite clothes, jewellery and handicrafts in the traditional Kumaoni style. This is an absolute treat for shoppers.  

Enjoy Bright End Corner

Enjoy Bright End Corner:  Things To Do In Almora
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Bright End Corner is arguably the best lookout point in the cantonment area, offering mesmerizing sunset and sunrise views, with the Himalayas in the distance. Visitors travel far and wide to this spot to enjoy the exquisite beauty of the surrounding area, which also happens to make for great photography opportunities. It is about 2 km away from Almora.

Dwarahat Village

Dwarahat Village:  Things To Do In Almora
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Nestled 1510 meters above sea-level, the village of Dwarahat can be found in the Kumaon mountains. Visitors can enjoy amazing panoramic views of the neighboring Himalayas. The village is a significant religious and spiritual destination and is home to 55 ancient temples, all created by Katyuri Kings of yesteryear.

Picnic in Kalimath

Picnic in Kalimath:  Things To Do In Almora
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The village of Kalimath is about 4.5 km away from Almora. It is famed for it’s lush green landscapes and is a picnic hotspot for majority of visitors that travel here. The revered Kasar Devi Temple, created in the 2nd century is also located here, just 1 km away from the main village area. Swami Vivekanada has visited this place for rumination during his travels.

Visit the Deer Park

Visit the Deer Park:  Things To Do In Almora
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2 km away from the Almora city center is the famous Deer Park. This place is a treat for wildlife lovers and naturalists alike. Sightings of deers, leopards and black bears are all a possibility here. Otherwise, most visitors come here for day-long picnics or just long walks. It is a safe haven for the rich flora and fauna on offer in Almora.

Visit Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary

Visit Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary:  Things To Do In Almora
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A wide variety of birds and animals, dense jungles and cool streams all make up the 45.59 km sq. Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary. The best time to visit is between February and April, where the ideal temperature is around 23°C. It is a great spot for bird watching and outdoor photography.

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