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Almora Weather And Best Time To Visit Almora

Planning A Trip To Almora? Here's a snapshot of Almora weather and the best time to visit Almora

A cozy town situated in the lap of the Himalayas, Almora from a distance looks like a horse-shoe. Offering an old world charm, the cantonment town of Almora is best visited from March to May. The weather in Almora is well-balanced, making it perfect for all outdoor activities. The winter season tends to be extreme and is not recommended for the faint hearted traveler. Monsoons sees excessive rainfall causing landslides and flooding, which hampers outdoor activities. Read below to find out more on the best time to visit Almora.

Summer (March – June)

Summer (March – June):  Almora Weather And Best Time To Visit Almora
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This is the most ideal time for visitors to explore and fully enjoy Almora. The climate is pleasant all around, with temperatures hanging between 20 - 25°C. Clear blue skies, lush vegetation and the cool air sees tourists flocking here to enjoy the variety of outdoor activities and sightseeing on offer. You can venture out on hikes, enjoy picnics, go sightseeing and basically bask in the warmth of the mountain sun during summer.

Winter (November – February)

Winter (November – February):  Almora Weather And Best Time To Visit Almora
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The weather during winter time averages between 7 - 20°C, however it can drop to as low as -2°C at times. Winters tend to be quite cool, but heavy snowfall should also be expected during this period. The town tends to look quite ethereal during this season but that can quickly change. Visitors must proceed with caution when travelling to Almora during the winter season but the experience in winter is rather unique.

Monsoon (July – September)

Monsoon (July – September):  Almora Weather And Best Time To Visit Almora
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The monsoon sees temperatures hovering between 21 to 29°C and a predominantly damp and tropical climate. The town of Almora is known to receive considerably high amount of yearly rainfall that often puts a halt on all outdoor activities. The vegetation in the area blooms but the chances of landslides and flooding makes travel here additionally risky. This is not one of the ideal seasons to visit Almora.  

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