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Kausani Weather And Best Time To Visit Kausani

Planning A Trip To Kausani? Here's a snapshot of Kausani weather and the best time to visit Kausani

Kausani is one of the premier winter getaways in Uttarakhand, located 52 km from Almora, nearly 1890 meters above sea-level. The summer (March – May) and winter (October – February) season both present the perfect climate for sightseeing and outdoor activities in and around the area. Kausani enjoys a moderate weather, even in the winter, making it a tourist’s paradise. On a clear day, visitors can observe the 350 km view of the Himalayan Mountain ranges. Honeymooners often visit Kausani due to the romantic atmosphere surrounding this hidden gem. Read below to find out more on the best time to visit Kausani.

Winter (October – February)

Winter (October – February):  Kausani Weather And Best Time To Visit Kausani
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Winter season is when tourism really booms in Kausani. It is a known winter paradise from October to February, with December being the coldest month in the season. The area receives a healthy amount of rainfall, with temperatures averaging between 22 - 9°C. However, the mist and fog during the early morning tends to be heavy and caution is advised when venturing outdoors. Visitors are recommended to be well clad in their winter gear at all times. This is the best time to visit Kausani due to the enchanting views of the surrounding Himalayas, in addition to surrounding natural beauty.

Summer (March – May)

Summer (March – May):  Kausani Weather And Best Time To Visit Kausani
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The month of March signals the onset of summer in Kausani. The temperature tends to average between 30 – 19°C. The sun is out, flowers blossoming and the climate tends to be perfect for outdoor exploration and sightseeing. March is when the festivals of Holi and Shivratri are also celebrated, drawing tourists and pilgrims from far and wide. The high altitude of the town makes an ideal summer escape and it is one the most ideal periods to visit Kausani.

Monsoon (June – August)

Monsoon (June – August):  Kausani Weather And Best Time To Visit Kausani
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This season is generally considered as the off-season for majority of tourists. The area tends to receive moderate to heavy rainfall during the 3 month period. The vegetation in Kausani becomes lush, but also brings with it the dangers of floods, cloudbursts and landslides. Travel to Kausani during this period is risky and it is recommended to avoid this destination altogether. The muggy weather also hampers sightseeing and outdoor activities.

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